[It’s My Birthday!] Surprise Gift Inside :-) Expires @ Midnight

Grab Bag Gift for You on my 43 Birthday!
It’s my Birthday! I’m giving you a GIFT.
(Told you I was sending something special…)
I’ve been teaching you about commitments, decision making, taking action and having FUN.
Here is your chance to demonstrate what you’ve learned and see how far you’ve come.
Are you committed to learning from me?
Are you committed to making decisions right away? 
Are you committed to taking action?
Are you committed to having FUN?
If you are – pick a link or picture below and act now!
There are two GIFT SURPRISES to choose from.
I’m 43 today so one is $4.30 US. The other is $43.00 US.
Grab Bag Surprise Gift - $4.30 - Value Exceeds $43
Grab Bag Surprise Gift $43 - Value Way Exceeds $430+
Here is what I promise:
Each gift will be worth at least 10 times your investment
The $43 dollar gift will actually be worth a hell of a LOT more than that (in life the more you risk, the greater your return) – you really do want it and you’ll get BOTH.
And Yes, I am guaranteeing you will be so excited you’ll tell all your friends “Look what I got for $4 or $43!”
You can share this if you want 🙂
Here is what you have to OVERCOME to act:
  • You don’t know what you are “getting”
  • You don’t trust yourself to spend money online
  • You don’t think you have extra money
  • You don’t act on opportunities
Now. Will you STILL ACT? Can you CHOOSE? Are you OVERTHINKING $4? Seriously?! It’s coffee money.
I want you to be highly aware of how you make decisions. Are you struggling with this or are you already IN?
Be a CLEAR YES (and act) or a CLEAR NO. If you are waffling and spinning – this exercise is already worth more than $4 to you…and you should just give it me and say thank you! LOL.
Do you have a trust issue? If yes, is it with ME (you think I’ll rip you off) or is it with you? Do you trust yourself to make a decision and put your money behind it? (This is what is slowing you down on joining our virtual Summer Camp by the way).
I am excited to use my birthday to show you:
  • where you are in decision making,
  • get random surprise money arriving all day (yes, I am looking forward to little Paypal “You’ve Got Money” notices all day while I road trip to Chattanooga, TN to goof around & take photos) and
  • I am rubbing my hands waiting to show you what you are getting for your grab bag gifts!
Deadline? When it turns July 7th. Just grab it now.
Grab Bag Gift - Deadline July 7th. Hurry. You will be ANNOYED if you miss this
Oh. And you WILL kick yourself if you put this off and make an excuse and miss it. Yes, I am talking directly to YOU.
Tanya Stewart (Signature)
P.S.  Grab your Grab Bag Gift for $4.30 or $43 and get more than 10x the value. $43 gets you BOTH gifts and you WILL be pleased. The more people who grab the gift, the better I’ll make it! I’m doing this because it feels fun and I want to show you where you are at with decision making (oh, and yeah, extra birthday money is cool too!).
P.P.S. I am on a short road trip to Chattanooga, TN to do…nothing. Just going to go wherever I feel like it. Take photos, window shop and see what adventures I can find! I’ll take a lunch and dinner break to let you know that I saw your money arrive and you are IN!

[Time Mgmt] How the Gurus in Your Inbox are KILLING You…

How the Gurus are Killing You...
It’s just too much.
There are too many demands on your attention.


As a coach and teacher, folks often send me materials, offers and the latest “things.”


I have to choose to ignore 90%.


Right now, you are permitting your attention and time to be fractured out of lack.  You are afraid of “missing” that one gold nugget, THE article, the video, the class or book. The super blog.


Because of that you take in only about 10% from everything that comes your way INSTEAD of 90% of a hand picked few. 
10%= Stuck
90% = Mastery
Which do you WANT?
This is why you make progress and then slide back.  You are learningwithout applying.  You cannot apply EVERYTHING.  You have to be selective.


Everything has a cost in energy.


This is another kind of “making space” and taking back your power.


Manage your inbox this weekend.  Esther Hicks, Dr. Dyer’s works, T. Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Eben Pagen, Mindvalley, Marianne Williamson… I can go on and on. They are all gifted in their own way. But taken all together they are TOO MUCH.


This was my phone last night – time to make some ROOM!


Too MANY Demands in Our Inboxes
Even at the risk that you unsubscribe from me – do it if necessary.  


Pick a handful or less (3 is good) of those who you want to lead you and listen to 90% of their stuff and let the other stuff flow by.


COMMIT (you know how I feel about Commitment!)


If you are committed, follow your teachers and apply their lessons. If you aren’t, prune them out as dead weight.


Every webinar you MEAN to attend, every email you SHOULD read, every event you sign up for and then don’t SHOW up for – steals your energy and your self-esteem. It WEAKENS you


You feel GUILTY.


That pattern keeps you from ACTING on the emails, webinars and events YOU WANT to act on. 


If you really hear me, if I am in your handful & my words make a difference just by reading my thoughts – imagine if you got a chance to work with me on YOUR “why can’t I do this” blocks?  


You know I am your coach – commit and ask me about Summer Campbefore the remaining spots are all gone…I’m waiting to hear from you. 


While I am waiting I am cleaning my inbox! I can do better on that too 🙂


Don’t forget Summer Camp has a Money Back Guarantee – stop wiggling. You KNOW you want to come play and learn with me.  Talk soon!


Summer Camp for YOU. 3 Projects = Health, Spiritual & Craft AND Coaching $197. Only 12 Spots.

P.S. Ask me how you can get into Summer Camp – just hit reply and ask. Don’t LOSE your spot! Step up your results. Ask me how right now.


P.P.S. And watch your inboxes next Wednesday on my Birthday. I’m feeling like I want to do something cool as a gift to you on the 6th!

[Fun for Summer] What the Heck Happened to FUN?!

What Happened to Fun ImageIf I asked you to do something right now just because “it’ll be fun” – admit it – it’s not really enough motivation. Not a “good enough” reason. That is seriously screwed up.

I’ve suddenly been asked for help by 2 different people this week who aren’t having any fun in their lives. Or like you, clearly not enough fun.  I asked the heart of one man (yep, seriously… though it took a while to get the answer past his brain) what his heart most wanted for him right now – it was “fun”.

His mind didn’t think that was a “fancy” enough goal and kept trying to make it more COMPLICATED.

Hint: you  really don’t need more COMPLICATED.

In our super awesome flash manifesting coaching call from Sunday (yep, it was that good – Candice from Trinidad said so! Hi!) a man was wondering where the passion and the juice in his life had gone (a.k.a. Fun).

You are not having enough fun.
My darling little worker bee – you need more FUN.

Who Needs Fun? Worker Bees
I admit I was slow to the teach this because – well… I AM busy having fun. I totally missed your need for this. Heck, I literally threw a coaching call with no notice for… Fun!

Play and Creativity and Good Sexual Energy and Money are ALL wound together energetically. When you are missing one of those, it starts killing the others.

You know me by now – problem solver. I was writing in my gratitude journal on Monday and in mid-sentence two words popped in my head “Summer Camp”.

Do you remember summer as a child? It was fun. You lived for it, you waited for it, you counted calendar days until it GOT here.

When was the last time you were that EXCITED about something COMING?

As adults, we don’t have that anymore. No summertime fun. No summer camp. I NEVER GOT TO GO TO SUMMER CAMP  (Thanks Mom!!) Well… Not till now.

God popped into my head the idea of teaching a Summer Camp for you and I’m doing it!

Come to SUMMER CAMP! It's for YOU. 6 Sundays. Coaching and Projects :-)
I’m only taking 12 people for our Camp, so I wouldn’t hesitate and over analyze. Just hit reply and say “MORE” and I’ll tell you more.

But the basics are: Your camp is six weeks long, held on Sundays at 4 -5 PM EST. (That’ll let my European friends attend without it being oh-dark-30 in the morning).

At the end of six weeks you’ll have completed three projects – fun physical one, a spiritual one and one for your health. And I’ll be coaching the group along the way with whatever you are struggling with.

I am doing this for FUN and as my birthday gift to me! My birthday is July 6 and since I love what I do (coaching you IS fun for me. You can feel it in my energy when I coach) I’m giving myself the Summer Camp as MY gift. I love to teach you!

Tanya Wishes for Summer Camp as her Birthday Gift

Feel it? That’s ANTICIPATION. Hit reply and type “MORE” right now and let’s get the hot dogs ready. YOU are going to camp! You KNOW you want to! Tell your KIDS, tell your co-workers. I’m going to Summer Camp! We will have FUN while we coach and create. I am thinking of awards for our projects too!

P.S. You want more fun. You want my coaching. You WANT to go to SUMMER CAMP. You can afford it and even more, you just feel in your gut that you WANT it. Hit reply, type “MORE” and I’ll tell you more…

P.P.S. Oh and Summer Camp has Money Back Guarantee! Participate and you’ll be glad you invested in yourself or you get your money back.

Satisfaction Guarantee

[Flash Coaching Call] You coming? In 20 minutes :-)

What do you want to bring into your life right now?




We start in about 20 minutes. Make time for yourself. 

It gives to your family too…


All Dads on the Call Get Answered FIRST 🙂 

Happy Father’s Day!





P.S. Dial in TODAY at 2 pm EST. 1-302-202-1110. Code: 358071  Always wanted to talk to me live? Now is your chance! It will be a small group, so you can speak if you want to!

​​​​​​​I show Conscious Creators How to STOP Struggling and Apply the Spiritual Laws You Already Know So Your Life Reflects Your Purpose


Get Off Your Own Brakes.

 Identify. Manage. Reduce Fears



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[Manifesting Part 3/3] Space…The Final Frontier + Surprise Inside

Create Space and a Vacuum

What did 23 full suits, 17 suit jackets, 4 pairs of pants, 19 skirts, 43 shirts, five pairs of shoes (three new) do to OFFEND me?

They created Clutter.
And Guilt over having too much stuff.
And Guilt over NOT using what I have and not even WANTING to use it anymore.

Reminders of my old life as a lawyer that I left behind to begin my dreams (coaching you!).

Even reading that feels heavy doesn’t it? How much stuff are you holding onto and what is it really costing you?

I donated it ALL.

Flash Coaching Call on Manifesting Sun 2 pm EST

Flash Coaching Call on Manifesting – Sunday 2 pm EST. No Sign up. Hit Reply and say “YES” and I’ll send you the phone number. I just feel like talking about this 3 Part Coaching Series 
All these clothes were packed away in boxes and jammed into a closet of my storage room. (Ok. Ok. It’s the extra bedroom I TURNED into storage.) It made the room so cluttered and full that I kept the door closed. What does that tell you that I HAD to keep the door closed?! The energy was so disturbing that I didn’t want to look at it on a day-to-day basis.

Yep. That’s what we call a “sign” folks.

I wrote a post earlier about how clutter blocks manifestations – my life is good and yet I know that stuff was blocking SOMEthing!

Oh and don’t be confused – something does not need to be laying on the floor to be clutter. It could be neatly tucked into a closet out of sight and it’s still clutter!

I told you last week that I was excited to see what the Universe would send to fill this vacuum I was creating by releasing all of these clothes.

Photos of All I Gave Away

Yep, even gave up all 5 almost identical shirts I didn’t know I had!

How about a brand-new iPhone… Wait for it… Free!

(Watch the details of this part of the story carefully…)

I got my iPhone 5 in March 2013. So my phone is over 3 years old and I take good care of it.

Magically, the sleep wake button at the top right corner of my phone just stopped working last week. It made me acknowledge that the battery life on my phone was pretty much shot too. I committed to getting my phone fixed because I am bringing in more ORDER around me. (Hint: Commitment!)

Coaches Note: Most people would’ve been pissed off that their phone was broken – they might’ve wondered why the Universe was being “unkind” to them. First opportunity to be annoyed.

I got online and started googling the issue and discovered to my surprise it was a known issue that Apple had issued a “recall” for. A recall of course that I’d never gotten. A recall under which they agreed to fix the issue for free. But it had expired over a year ago. Never fear, they had extended it again – and that one had expired three months ago! Missed it. Twice.

Second opportunity to be annoyed.

Then I googled about the battery life on my phone. You guessed it. Known issue with Apple which they would’ve fixed. No charge. I missed THAT window too.

Third opportunity to be seriously freaking annoyed.

Oh well, my phone had given me good service and I was willing to pay & repair it.

Then this past Saturday (after I bundled up all the clothes and made all the space) the thought popped in my head to call an Apple store and just…Ask.

The corporate operator on the line, Kristen, is the coolest customer service operator in the Universe. I coach everybody, even phone operators. Her? It made her HAPPY. She said she felt INSPIRED & thinks I’m amazing. She convinces her manager to repair the sleep wake button and the battery.

Apple gives me a repair code for both – no charge for a battery beyond it’s 3 years life expectancy!

At the store, the first person I talked to said it’s notoriously difficult to fix these items and I might have to just buy another phone for $80.  Fourth opportunity to be annoyed. What happened to FREE?!

I said: That sounds like a fantastic deal to me! And I sit waiting for my good deal… except God wanted me to have an even BETTER deal…

In the end, the second person I worked with gave me a brand-new iPhone 5 for zero dollars.

Apple Free Phone Receipt

Make SPACE people. Make space, release happily and expect good things!

Yet, there was ONE thing I could have done WRONG to ruin it all…read on.

I got everything transferred – including 2400+ pictures (don’t ask…lol) flawlessly.

When you create a vacuum-the universe feels it. I created a vacuum by making space in my home and in my heart and doing something good and the universe sent me a good. Notice the two are completely unrelated – I was sent something that I greatly valued totally different from expensive tailored suits I formerly valued.

Notice that it every opportunity where I could’ve been annoyed – I wasn’t. I just accepted it and assumed it was part of whatever I was supposed to get because everything is always working for my good.

I do believe had I thrown a predictable tantrum at any of those 4 points – it would of shifted the energy and BLOCKED the manifestation of my brand new phone.

I did not plan to do a three-part series on this, but this is how it worked out. The Universe knows what I’m supposed to teach you and it leads me. I’ve had so much fun on this though, that I want to talk to you about it – LIVE. I’m throwing a flash coaching call. No cost. No formalities. Not even setting up a sign in page.

Just dial up, hop on and I’m going to talk and teach about manifesting and answer questions about the material that I’ve covered (and omitted) from the last three posts. Sound cool? Come talk to me!

I’m not doing any kind of fancy registration – if you’re coming hit reply, email or comment below and say “YES” and I’ll send you the phone number to dial or Skype-in.

I feel like talking on Sunday – so I will do the call Sunday at 2 PM EST.  This gives all my European friends a break – you can finally talk to me live and not be up after midnight!

Looking forward to talking to you! I want it to be a smaller call so I’ll take the first folks that ask until I think it’s getting to large.
Talk soon! Love you.


[Manifesting Part 2] God Said Let There Be Light…

[Manifesting Part 2] God Said “Let There Be Light…”

God Said "Let There Be Light (in Tanya's Kitchen)"

I didn’t have to think too hard about what to teach this week. Once you get in alignment and Source starts to flow… well… it keeps flowing!

Last week you read about God and counter tops (if you didn’t read that, catch-up here) and saw how manifestation works in day-to-day life and how it starts with Commitment.

Maybe you thought God was done?! Ha! Not even close. Read on – lots of wonders needs lots of detail.

You saw my existing kitchen cabinets were dark brown with silver knobs and the counter I built is dark brown with a white top – so I put on inexpensive, temporary white plastic knobs.  Later, after I saw I would keep the counter white, it occurred to me that white and silver knobs would be perfect. Oh well so I thought…
I want you to COUNT the little miracles/manifestations in this story. Momentum (in either direction) is VERY powerful and ALWAYS draws more of the same.

After my counter renovation, the kitchen looked amazing & just felt like “love”. Suddenly, I knew it was time to fix the poor lighting. Yep. You guessed it. For two years, I was also bothered by the dim light and had to use lamps to cook comfortably.

Solution? Get a light fixture & have the handyman install it asap and spend the billion dollars on lightbulbs (what the hell has happened to lightbulbs? Seriously. I need a home loan to buy lightbulbs! Who wants to pay $20.97 for a lightbulb that will last 22 years!). Sigh…

I picked out what I thought was a perfect ceiling fixture at IKEA and made my way downtown to get it Saturday. As soon as I had it in my hands I knew… It wasn’t the right one. I just knew I’d gotten it wrong. (Coach’s Note: I felt no guilt, no regret. I just wondered why I was in IKEA. I always assume I’m being guided, so I am.) I put it back and walked through the rest of the store empty-handed and made my usual stop at their big giant clearance room before I left.

In the clearance room – OF COURSE – God left me white ceramic and silver chrome handles PERFECT for my cabinet and of course – $.75 a piece! (God knows I love a deal and seriously always sends me what I want on sale.)

The Universe's GiftHandles Before & After

In that moment, I laughed out loud as I knew perfectly well that God sent me to IKEA thinking I was getting the light fixture just to get the perfect handles.(Coach’s Note: Intuition doesn’t give whole maps, it gives a single step at a time.) I said thank you!

From my phone, I picked a new light fixture from Home Depot online and went home to buy it. And found…I was five dollars short of free shipping. Grrrrrrr.

I spent way to freaking long trying to figure out what $5.01 thing to buy to get the free shipping, when suddenly I realized – THIS HAD TURNED HARD. That meant I was getting in the way. So I asked, what to do now? I’d picked the wrong fixture again!  So I picked one more time (yeah, #3). And began the wait for the installer…

Now it’s Sunday 3 o’clock in the afternoon and suddenly completely out of the blue it occurs to me that A) I want my light fixture right the hell now and B) I am perfectly capable of installing it myself and not waiting weeks and begging the Handyman (who tends to arrive faster if he thinks I’m baking while wearing a sundress).

Installing an electrical fixture. Ever done it? Nope. But suddenly, I just KNEW I could. My home is old and has Jinky wiring (that’s a Tanya term for “screwed”). But you know what? I DID IT.

First Look Inside - BlehScary WiringMaking a Mess

Kitchen Light Before & After

I encountered multiple problems (who needs a Ground wire?!), but one of my commitments is “Everything is Solvable”. I texted for help. Nothing. I’m not going to say I dashed out to WalMart just to buy a wire-stripper during a tropical rain storm…but yeah..I did.

I cooked dinner that night under my new light.  Flipping that light on changed my life, boosted my faith in me using Source intentionally even higher.

The two people I texted for help didn’t answer, so I knew I was meant to do this on my own. They BOTH popped up once I was had committed to my course and was leaving the WalMart fully soaked.

The Universe directed me to Bring ORDER to my kitchen. Then God moved me to Bring Light. Next week, you’ll see the direction to Bring SPACE to my home. I’ll teach you about creating a Vacuum in your life to bring in whatever good you are keeping away…(excited to see what shows up for me!).

When you get Committed & begin improving your life, things MOVE FAST. I have openings in my private coaching for you if you are ready to Bring MOMENTUM & ORDER. What old situation do you need this flow to straighten out? Let me know and I’ll help.

P.S. I teach what I know, so I love this little journey I’ve begun in my home and sharing those lessons with you. Write and let me know if you’ve been inspired to begin any projects! Your projects can work out spiritual issues.

[Manifesting with Commitment] or God Really Likes Countertops

Original Cabinet Base

Old and un-sexy and mine to improve!

[Manifesting with Commitment] or God Really Likes Countertops

For two years I struggled with the space in my kitchen. There is just under five linear feet (1.5m) of countertop and very little cabinet space. I really wanted more.

Here’s the important part – for two years I have wanted my kitchen to function better – but had I done anything about it? No. Why? Because I was NOT COMMITTED to doing anything about it.

This is the same issue that most poor people have. They want more wealth, financial security and abundance – but they are not committed to doing anything about it – so nothing ever happens.

Point #1 A Want Without a Commitment is just a WISH. 

Commitment is the first of my Four steps of the Decision-Making Process. (Webinar Replay link comes tonight!!) It is the most important and most difficult step. It is the step that I see people mostly never meet.

Here is your easy test of commitment: what will you allow to stop you from doing this thing? (What if you’re tired? What if your kids get sick? What if it’s expensive? What if [biggie here] you don’t know HOW to do it right this minute?)

If these things can and have stopped you – the truth is you were not 100% committed. Being kind of committed is like being kind of pregnant. See? Doesn’t work.

When intuition told me it was time to solve my problem – I committed. I was doing this now.

Point #2 Intentional Manifestation is a decision and so requires a Commitment to begin it.

If you are trying to manifest health, you must commit to doing whatever it takes to get and stay healthy. Yes, that means confronting obstacles you DON’T like.  

Here is what I didn’t have at this stage (obstacles):

  • transportation for a 7 ft (2.13m) cabinet
  • a countertop to fit its non-standard size
  • any clue how to paint furniture

In short, I had plenty of things that could’ve stopped me except that I was already committed. When I couldn’t find anything online that I like or that fit, I asked the Universe.

“Kindly send me a countertop to fit the cabinet you already picked out for me.” I went to sleep knowing it was done (because it was).
Point #3 – If you only get part of a manifestation, YOU are blocking the rest.  Spiritually, all problems have solutions and all cabinets have counters.

If God sends you something – he finishes it! If he sends an opportunity, he sent connections. If he sends you a dream, you have ability. If he sends you a coach, the money is available.

The next morning was Saturday and the place was packed with holiday shoppers (Memorial Day in the US) but my $30 cabinet was still there. (Of course.) And my perfect countertop was nearby for $15.

Transportation. Calling friends didn’t work. Commitment meant I was prepared to rent a truck that would cost me as much as the cabinet itself to get it 3 miles home.

Because I was willing to do the thing that I did not want to do, the Universe made it unnecessary. My neighbor and his brother drove down and picked it up in their truck for free.

Primed Cabinet

Painted Cabinet


Point #4 When you are willing to do whatever it takes, you often DON’T have to.

This is everyday living when you can apply what you already know. What followed? No line at the home supply store, got all the perfect materials in less than 10 mins and it came out…well…you can see the photos!

                          Cabinet in progress Finished kitchen

When you are ready to be able to — USE what you KNOW to make your daily life work and flow, just contact me and let me know.  See more of the work photos here!

P.S. It’s Decision Making Webinar Replay Weekend! Watch your inboxes. Sending the link tonight for the replay that is good through Monday night only.  Learn the other 3 Steps to the Decision Making Process and How to Make (and KEEP) a Good Decision!

[Webinar REPLAY] Decision Making – How to Make ‘Em & Feel CONFIDENT


Ready to Break Through & Speed Up Your Goals?

You need to know how to make a decision – quickly, confidently, without struggle and not needing everyone else’s advice.


I discovered there are only 4 Steps to Making a Decision.


I will teach you the 4 Steps and more importantly – the BLOCKS to those 4 Steps that are keeping you from feeling secure when you decide something.


  • Learn Why You Can’t Make (& Keep) Good Decisions Consistently
  • What it COSTS you to be indecisive (it is WAY more than you know!)
  • Where to Begin when You Don’t Know HOW to Make a Hard Decision
  • Why You Feel Insecure, Confused or Overwhelmed when Deciding…and How to STOP


By the end of the training, you will have my step by step process to make ANY decision with more confidence. I use it ALL the time.


I am excited to give this to you. Share it with your friends.


Make a commitment to invest in this training for YOUR better life right now.


Watch the How to Make (& Keep) Good Decisions Webinar 


Watch it NOW. Replay ENDS Tuesday 6/7 at noon (EST)

I gave some extra watching time because I really want you to learn and let me know your a-ha moments!


In Joy,







P.S. It’s Decision Making Webinar Replay Weekend! Learn the other 3 Steps to the Decision Making Process after Commitment and How to Make (and KEEP) a Good Decision! You can feel more confident.


P.P.S. Those that watched live said it was: “eloquent, powerful, useful, simple and clear.” They started USING the tools the same night! Are you ready?

​​​​​​​I show Conscious Creators How to STOP Struggling and Apply the Spiritual Laws You Already Know So Your Life Reflects Your Purpose


Get Off Your Own Brakes. 
Identify. Manage. Reduce Fears.


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[Law of Attraction] No ALWAYS Means Yes. Seriously…

No ALWAYS Means Yes.Seriously…

No Always Means Yes to the Universe

You Get What You Think About

No means yes – there’s no avoiding, resisting or repelling in this Universe

Have you ever heard people say that the Universe doesn’t understand the word no or doesn’t process “not”? Let’s clear that up today. (By the way they ARE right – they just aren’t explaining it well…)

The Universe looks at you and treats you like exactly what you are – a sovereign Creator with Dominion. (Completely love the word dominion! Seriously. Dominion. It’s just fun to say – it just makes you feel powerful when you say “I have dominion “, try it now.)

Because the Universe treats you as if you’re aware of the laws of the Universe and the rules of creation – namely that you get what you think about. It understands thatif you want something you’ll think about it. If you don’t want something… Wait for it… You won’t think about it.

This makes creation really simple from the Universe’s perspective – if it’s in your head –> you must WANT it. It’s job is to get it for you. Your words are not processed by the Universe. It’s processing your inner feelings, energy or your frequency – your motivation and desires. Words? Not so much.

Multiple Engagement Offers

Feels So Easy to Get What We DON’T Want…

I helped a woman I was coaching – who has in a single lifetime had more than seven separate men attempt to physically attack her– learn that she has to STOP focusing on being attacked. After the first near attack, not getting attacked isall she thought about. Guess what? Oddly enough, the same person has also had like eight different guys propose marriage to her. (And no, she is not a supermodel & yes, I may teach the How to Get 8 Proposals Class someday!).

It was a seriously fun phone call for me to connect the dots and show her that she actually helped create BOTH of those circumstances by NOT wanting them. She feels more confident and a lot safer now. A little badass actually! Hi R! (Note: focusing on being attacked won’t make a man who doesn’t attack women attack you – but it attracts to you the precise kind of man that would…)

You can look at it from a slightly different perspective – once you become a victim and get stuck in that energy, you give off victim and prey energy. Prey energy attracts predators. This is true in the animal kingdom AND among people.

Me? I have torn BOTH of my Achilles tendons. After I tore the first Achilles tendon I lived in total fear that I would… Tear the second one! I cried almost with relief when I tore the second one. All me.

You get what you think about – and you get what you fear or dread even FASTER. If you’re thinking, Gee, I hope it doesn’t happen, won’t happen, can’t happen, would be awful to happen – you are thinking about itStop it.

It is tricky to learn to manage and identify your thoughts so that you’re thinking more about what you DO want, than what you DON’T want. If you want help to think more about what you DO want, click here & we’ll talk and see if & how I can help you.

In Joy,

Tanya's Signature

 P.S. I have not forgotten about you. I am manually re-recording the audio on the Decision Making Webinar.  Content was fabulous, audio was wiggly. I’ll get you all a link to a pristine replay – watch for it next week 🙂


[Happy Friday] 7 Random Good Thoughts

7 Random Thoughts
This was a busy, wild, wonderful week.  I got to practice lots of what I teach you!




Sometimes you just need to watch a cat video (or 2).



Ultimate Cat Thug Life if you dare! Cats misbehaving set to rap music. (It seems to be the only valid use for rap music.) You can say your “coach” told you to do it, I’m not ashamed. You WILL laugh at 1st 17 seconds.




Commitment is your best weapon against life throwing you curve balls. Jim Rohn said – Don’t wish it were easier, which you were STRONGER.




Crazily over tip the next good server you have in a restaurant.  Then watch their reaction – $5 on a $8 bill will make someone’s WHOLE day AND get you warm fuzzy feelings beyond your dreams.



Don’t just tell someone you love, I love you. Tell them “I love your __________ because it’s _________.”



When the neighborhood cat thinks you are cool enough to nap on the flip-flops you left on your porch, you have arrived.  (Yes, that’s two cat thoughts.) Here are pictures of my old kitties. My Ex-Husband takes fabulous care of them – but even after all these years, I miss them…I am considering a road trip to see them. The orange Maine Coon is Pumpkin. The silky gray Maine Coon is Frodo.





If you are facing a challenge, you can decide who you are going to be.


Don’t let yourself react in your normal patterns. Pick the very next “attack” you get – could be someone cutting you off in traffic, a “nastygram” (what one of my clients calls a nasty text from his Ex), your work made harder by a co-worker and LET IT GO. Just laugh to yourself and prove that you can choose to rise above crappy stuff. If you practice doing this once a week, when something “hard” hits you’ll be in better shape to not trigger.



Do everything you can to help the bees where you live.  I just learned to cut my grass slower so the “weeds” with nectar stay there longer for them!


In Joy,



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P.S. Have a lovely weekend!  I enjoyed my first webinar-challenges and all.  Because many of you missed it (and it could be because I switched webinar hosts at the last moment) I’ll get a replay out for everyone next week 🙂




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