[Time Mgmt] How the Gurus in Your Inbox are KILLING You…

How the Gurus are Killing You...
It’s just too much.
There are too many demands on your attention.


As a coach and teacher, folks often send me materials, offers and the latest “things.”


I have to choose to ignore 90%.


Right now, you are permitting your attention and time to be fractured out of lack.  You are afraid of “missing” that one gold nugget, THE article, the video, the class or book. The super blog.


Because of that you take in only about 10% from everything that comes your way INSTEAD of 90% of a hand picked few. 
10%= Stuck
90% = Mastery
Which do you WANT?
This is why you make progress and then slide back.  You are learningwithout applying.  You cannot apply EVERYTHING.  You have to be selective.


Everything has a cost in energy.


This is another kind of “making space” and taking back your power.


Manage your inbox this weekend.  Esther Hicks, Dr. Dyer’s works, T. Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Eben Pagen, Mindvalley, Marianne Williamson… I can go on and on. They are all gifted in their own way. But taken all together they are TOO MUCH.


This was my phone last night – time to make some ROOM!


Too MANY Demands in Our Inboxes
Even at the risk that you unsubscribe from me – do it if necessary.  


Pick a handful or less (3 is good) of those who you want to lead you and listen to 90% of their stuff and let the other stuff flow by.


COMMIT (you know how I feel about Commitment!)


If you are committed, follow your teachers and apply their lessons. If you aren’t, prune them out as dead weight.


Every webinar you MEAN to attend, every email you SHOULD read, every event you sign up for and then don’t SHOW up for – steals your energy and your self-esteem. It WEAKENS you


You feel GUILTY.


That pattern keeps you from ACTING on the emails, webinars and events YOU WANT to act on. 


If you really hear me, if I am in your handful & my words make a difference just by reading my thoughts – imagine if you got a chance to work with me on YOUR “why can’t I do this” blocks?  


You know I am your coach – commit and ask me about Summer Campbefore the remaining spots are all gone…I’m waiting to hear from you. 


While I am waiting I am cleaning my inbox! I can do better on that too 🙂


Don’t forget Summer Camp has a Money Back Guarantee – stop wiggling. You KNOW you want to come play and learn with me.  Talk soon!


Summer Camp for YOU. 3 Projects = Health, Spiritual & Craft AND Coaching $197. Only 12 Spots.

P.S. Ask me how you can get into Summer Camp – just hit reply and ask. Don’t LOSE your spot! Step up your results. Ask me how right now.


P.P.S. And watch your inboxes next Wednesday on my Birthday. I’m feeling like I want to do something cool as a gift to you on the 6th!
Tanya Stewart
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