[It’s My Birthday!] Surprise Gift Inside :-) Expires @ Midnight

Grab Bag Gift for You on my 43 Birthday!
It’s my Birthday! I’m giving you a GIFT.
(Told you I was sending something special…)
I’ve been teaching you about commitments, decision making, taking action and having FUN.
Here is your chance to demonstrate what you’ve learned and see how far you’ve come.
Are you committed to learning from me?
Are you committed to making decisions right away? 
Are you committed to taking action?
Are you committed to having FUN?
If you are – pick a link or picture below and act now!
There are two GIFT SURPRISES to choose from.
I’m 43 today so one is $4.30 US. The other is $43.00 US.
Grab Bag Surprise Gift - $4.30 - Value Exceeds $43
Grab Bag Surprise Gift $43 - Value Way Exceeds $430+
Here is what I promise:
Each gift will be worth at least 10 times your investment
The $43 dollar gift will actually be worth a hell of a LOT more than that (in life the more you risk, the greater your return) – you really do want it and you’ll get BOTH.
And Yes, I am guaranteeing you will be so excited you’ll tell all your friends “Look what I got for $4 or $43!”
You can share this if you want 🙂
Here is what you have to OVERCOME to act:
  • You don’t know what you are “getting”
  • You don’t trust yourself to spend money online
  • You don’t think you have extra money
  • You don’t act on opportunities
Now. Will you STILL ACT? Can you CHOOSE? Are you OVERTHINKING $4? Seriously?! It’s coffee money.
I want you to be highly aware of how you make decisions. Are you struggling with this or are you already IN?
Be a CLEAR YES (and act) or a CLEAR NO. If you are waffling and spinning – this exercise is already worth more than $4 to you…and you should just give it me and say thank you! LOL.
Do you have a trust issue? If yes, is it with ME (you think I’ll rip you off) or is it with you? Do you trust yourself to make a decision and put your money behind it? (This is what is slowing you down on joining our virtual Summer Camp by the way).
I am excited to use my birthday to show you:
  • where you are in decision making,
  • get random surprise money arriving all day (yes, I am looking forward to little Paypal “You’ve Got Money” notices all day while I road trip to Chattanooga, TN to goof around & take photos) and
  • I am rubbing my hands waiting to show you what you are getting for your grab bag gifts!
Deadline? When it turns July 7th. Just grab it now.
Grab Bag Gift - Deadline July 7th. Hurry. You will be ANNOYED if you miss this
Oh. And you WILL kick yourself if you put this off and make an excuse and miss it. Yes, I am talking directly to YOU.
Tanya Stewart (Signature)
P.S.  Grab your Grab Bag Gift for $4.30 or $43 and get more than 10x the value. $43 gets you BOTH gifts and you WILL be pleased. The more people who grab the gift, the better I’ll make it! I’m doing this because it feels fun and I want to show you where you are at with decision making (oh, and yeah, extra birthday money is cool too!).
P.P.S. I am on a short road trip to Chattanooga, TN to do…nothing. Just going to go wherever I feel like it. Take photos, window shop and see what adventures I can find! I’ll take a lunch and dinner break to let you know that I saw your money arrive and you are IN!
Tanya Stewart
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