Where Do I Start?

Go to the BEGIN Page. If you still need convincing, hop on my Alpha’s Weekly Coaching Newsletter. I do NOT convince folks. And I’ll teach you why your happiness depends on you letting that go too. If you want to change your life, I’d hurry. I only coach about a dozen Alphas privately at any one time. Click “Coach Me Now” and shoot me your application.

What if I have divorce problems?

Then you’ll be in good company! Divorce is unfortunately common for us Alphas. And I wrote the book on it. Literally. “The Smart Guide to Life After Divorce.” I can help you. Do NOT try to fix your stuff or “wait til you are in a better place”. Just jump in the water and swim towards me. I’ve got you.

Can I know all the details FIRST?

Short Answer: No. Long Answer: NO. My Alphas often have Perfectionist tendencies wrapped in control freak. That is your ego trying to prevent growth and change by requiring you to know (i.e. control) everything. You will know more than enough to make a decision and you may still feel anywhere from terrified to slightly nauseous. Most Alphas can feel fear and push through it. I’ll help you with that.

What the hell does this cost?

$10,800 for one year of private coaching. What? You thought I’d hide it? Make you call? Nope. You’re an Alpha. I don’t chase clients and I respect you enough to not fear scaring off whoever is mine by letting you know the numbers. And Yes, that includes a GREAT discount for a single-payment, which I prefer (and require if you are borderline too willful to coach). Monthly is $997. What do you get? A LOT. My clients even still have access to my cell phone and can walkie-talkie me (unheard of). Why?

Because I plan to love you like the mother NONE of us ever had. You will be Fierce, Fun & Feminine.

I’ve tried coaching and programs before…what if it doesn’t work?

Of course those didn’t work. Two things were missing: 1) All in commitment. 2) You were not being coached by an Alpha Balance CoachTM. I’m trademarking my process of coaching Alphas because I’ve cracked the code. You can’t coach with weaker people, you disregard them. Men you argue with. Me?I’m strong enough that you will respect me, stop pushing me and when you surrender and let me lead you, there is almost nowhere we cannot go. Secret? You will trust me (follow me) because I love you and understand you, because I WAS YOU. Saving Alphas is now my life’s work.

What is coaching like?

I found it is easier to coach someone and let them experience it, than explain it to them. I will tell you it is not counseling or therapy. The things that I do as a coach would get my license stripped from me in a hurry as a therapist! For instance, if the therapist sees what’s the matter with you – they will then take the next eight sessions and try to ask you Gentle, esoteric questions so you can figure it out yourself. And waste  four months in the process and god knows how much money.That’s. Not. Me.I’m just gonna tell you what I see. In fact, my coaching is NOT like most other coaches. So if you had a coach and you are thinking I know how this goes-not so much. If you’ve had a coach and it didn’t work, no worries. Different approach, different results.I tend to teach you as much as or more than coach you. So if you want to spend most of our time doing the talking – you should pick a different person. (See? NOT like couseling.)I get results. It’s very much like Arnold Schwarzenegger said in The Terminator “Come with me if you want to live” – well I guess it would be “Come with me and do it my way if you want to START living”.  Close enough.

How is private coaching set up?

My most common private coaching package is two hours of coaching a month, usually broken into two separate one hour phone calls. Plus email support during the month too.When I have a group available – you can consider group coaching. Group coaching is actually quite powerful because you’re not just learning for me but you’re also learning from the people around you. It is often easier to spot your own issues inside of other people’s lives, than it is to see them in your own! Group coaching is also easier financially.

Is coaching uncomfortable?

Some Alphas are nervous when they are hiring me and they push ahead anyway. Learning how to take action before you are comfortable is something I’ll help you get much better at, because everything new was once uncomfortable.Full disclosure: it’s hard to continually hear the truth from someone. You aren’t used to it. The standard of love and friendships has become “keep me comfortable.” Seeing the truth about where you really are right now will be uncomfortable. But once you own it 100%, we can move you forward quickly.

Can anyone coach with you?

No. My coaching carries a guarantee so I will not coach with someone unless I can see that they are ready and willing to be uncomfortable while changing, so they can finally begin creating the life they want.I have coached teenagers, seniors (65+), people all over the globe (in China, Australia, England, Israel, Canada, Trinidad, all of the US, Germany and Vietnam).I have coached millionaires and more than one single mom with no job on food stamps (both got jobs, one 2 days later and the other’s 6 figure job took about 43 days).I have coached Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Buddists, New Thought Christians, Non-Denominational, Mystics and one Medium. If you believe in God, Source or The Universe, we’re good. If not, I’m not your coach.It is never your demographics, it’s your DESIRE and how well you can “hear” me.

Will you always be kicking my ass?

I’m glad you asked that question! Happily, the answer is no. In the beginning is when it will be roughest for you. That is the moment in time where you have spent your entire life divorced from the truth and reality and not looking at where you really are and that which you are really afraid of. I will drop all of those pianos of truth simultaneously – and it will hurt (the record for crying on a single call is 4 times). But after that?It’s kind of like breaking a horse to saddle really. To break a horse, if you watch the process at the beginning you will not like it (horse doesn’t!). But after a horse is accustomed to a saddle – none of that is necessary anymore. You can guide a well-trained horse with your fingertips. The metaphor here is sound because I need to LEAD you. So I will be able to guide you better with love and support and nudges.The truth is, I like this time better. But I am willing to be as strong as necessary to break through whatever barriers and layers you have built between yourself and the truths you need to own to get momentum in your right direction. Because I will love you through that time, even though what we’re doing is hard, you won’t feel like I’m hurting you because you will be certain that I love you.

What is the secret to coaching Alphas?

I will tell you one of the secrets of my coaching. It is that I love my clients. Very specifically love them individually. Most of you have never been loved just for who you are – without a condition, barter or a stick.Love is the most powerful force in the universe. If you want to go all quantum physics on me, the energy of love is the most organized and it entrains all other chaotic disorganized frequencies to itself. If you want to go biblical, perfect love casts out fear. Same results!I will see your potential and refuse to see your blocks, in that way I will hold space for you to grow past whatever you HAVE TO grow past to get to the better version of you. And when you need a “how”, then I’m there.It is not my goal to turn all women into some bad ass warrior. It is my goal to restore to you your feminine exterior with a core of iron. Most of you have that backwards, hard on the outside, melted on the inside. I would reverse that for you so you can receive all the love that everyone around you wants to give to you and not be afraid anymore.I know how to coach Alphas. I created Alpha Balance CoachingTM and it is the path to your new life.

Hey Tanya, isn't your website awfully Exclude-y?

Damn Skippy it is!I had to learn the hard way that I really could help about anybody who turns up in front of me. That unfortunately does not mean that I SHOULD help anybody who turns up in front of me. (Those of you who have a tendency to RESCUE folks are in luck! I was a Rescuer too once!)When I help people who are not mine to serve they exhaust me, frustrate me and abuse me. Leaving little left for my true folks and myself. I used to hold that against them until I bought a vowel and realized, this was on ME for NOT making a clear decision as to who I serve. I used to serve by default.Now? I exclude. I am very careful with who I serve. I am like a laser targeted missile for “my” people.

Well, what about Coaching Men?

Of course I would coach a man if he was mine to serve (and I have). Meaning if he came forward and I could feel that God sent him to me, then he’s mine. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to go looking for him.You see, I don’t actually go looking for anybody. (I have a great training post on Looking vs. Waiting, as me about it.)

What is the ONE thing you want me to know? (Read this one)

I am the warrior that lives in the castle. I secure the castle and everything in it. There is a part of your cellular DNA that remembers way back in history, when everything fell apart you picked up your children and you ran to the keep, the fort or the castle. You had to figure out how to GET to the castle.From the castle, I will help you by providing security, structure, support and strategy for your future.Oh and if your Dragon is dumb enough to come to my freaking castle looking for you…Let’s just say we are ALL getting new shoes…and purses and suitcase sets.But, If I come out of the castle into the countryside, cross the river, through the dale, under the forest, past grandma’s house LOOKING for you, then I have a lot less leverage to offer you.YOUR JOB is to get to the castle and request admission. MY JOB if I welcome you in, is to protect, to provide and to renew you with all the powers I’ve been granted. To love you and help my eagles fly.

Get to the castle ladies. I’m waiting for you. We have chocolate, weapons and hi speed wi-fi.