[Law of Attraction] No ALWAYS Means Yes. Seriously…

No ALWAYS Means Yes.Seriously…

No Always Means Yes to the Universe

You Get What You Think About

No means yes – there’s no avoiding, resisting or repelling in this Universe

Have you ever heard people say that the Universe doesn’t understand the word no or doesn’t process “not”? Let’s clear that up today. (By the way they ARE right – they just aren’t explaining it well…)

The Universe looks at you and treats you like exactly what you are – a sovereign Creator with Dominion. (Completely love the word dominion! Seriously. Dominion. It’s just fun to say – it just makes you feel powerful when you say “I have dominion “, try it now.)

Because the Universe treats you as if you’re aware of the laws of the Universe and the rules of creation – namely that you get what you think about. It understands thatif you want something you’ll think about it. If you don’t want something… Wait for it… You won’t think about it.

This makes creation really simple from the Universe’s perspective – if it’s in your head –> you must WANT it. It’s job is to get it for you. Your words are not processed by the Universe. It’s processing your inner feelings, energy or your frequency – your motivation and desires. Words? Not so much.

Multiple Engagement Offers

Feels So Easy to Get What We DON’T Want…

I helped a woman I was coaching – who has in a single lifetime had more than seven separate men attempt to physically attack her– learn that she has to STOP focusing on being attacked. After the first near attack, not getting attacked isall she thought about. Guess what? Oddly enough, the same person has also had like eight different guys propose marriage to her. (And no, she is not a supermodel & yes, I may teach the How to Get 8 Proposals Class someday!).

It was a seriously fun phone call for me to connect the dots and show her that she actually helped create BOTH of those circumstances by NOT wanting them. She feels more confident and a lot safer now. A little badass actually! Hi R! (Note: focusing on being attacked won’t make a man who doesn’t attack women attack you – but it attracts to you the precise kind of man that would…)

You can look at it from a slightly different perspective – once you become a victim and get stuck in that energy, you give off victim and prey energy. Prey energy attracts predators. This is true in the animal kingdom AND among people.

Me? I have torn BOTH of my Achilles tendons. After I tore the first Achilles tendon I lived in total fear that I would… Tear the second one! I cried almost with relief when I tore the second one. All me.

You get what you think about – and you get what you fear or dread even FASTER. If you’re thinking, Gee, I hope it doesn’t happen, won’t happen, can’t happen, would be awful to happen – you are thinking about itStop it.

It is tricky to learn to manage and identify your thoughts so that you’re thinking more about what you DO want, than what you DON’T want. If you want help to think more about what you DO want, click here & we’ll talk and see if & how I can help you.

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 P.S. I have not forgotten about you. I am manually re-recording the audio on the Decision Making Webinar.  Content was fabulous, audio was wiggly. I’ll get you all a link to a pristine replay – watch for it next week 🙂


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