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I will be there for you. I will see what you miss. I will tell you the truth until you hate me a little (or a lot). I will introduce you to your purpose and fight fiercely to keep you on it.  I will call bullshit on your excuses. I will cheer for you better than a child on Christmas morning. I will love you. (I don’t take clients that I cannot bond to and care deeply for.) I will treat you like the family you always wanted but may not have.  If you are spinning I’ll stop you.  If you are coasting, I’ll push you.  I will share my pride and joy over your rapid change so you know what loving support truly feels like.

When you hit the button you’ll be asked a few questions (no studying required) to help me learn more about you. Then I’ll get in touch and we’ll see if we are a good fit for each other.

If we are and I have space available, I’ll invite you to become one of my Alphas. If not, I’ll point you in the best direction I can.

Talk soon! Tanya

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