About You

You are an Alpha Woman Entrepreneur or a high executive. You are wired to push, to compete, to excel. You are simply better than most women. Problem? It comes at a cost. Your relationships are struggling.


Damn hard to find the right balance in a mate. Most likely your guy is to soft. You have to push him. It annoys you, turns you off and makes him feel controlled.


Kids? Issues here too. Often one solid, one you are worried about.


Other people? You don’t always play well with most others – women and men both are intimidated by you. Screw ‘em you’ve decided. You can’t please everybody. But…it sucks. I get it. You’ve given up on having a big group of ‘normal’ girlfriends and have a small, tight circle of Alphas or women you protect.


Your business? You pour yourself into it and have hit your personal glass ceiling. What good is it to be smarter than everyone else, if you still can’t get all that you want?


Marriage? You may have even given up on your marriage (be honest!) You didn’t want to, but God help him, he doesn’t get you. He tells you to “slow down“ when he should push you. The passive-aggressive thing drives you INSANE. You’re terrified that you’ll stay and never really be happy or supported AND terrified to leave and what – start over?!? Now?


The future? Do you want the truth? Not really, but you can see it – Divorce, fight over the business, fight over the kids – you suddenly feel VERY guilty about your mothering (what if they PICKED HIM?), fight to stop adding the 3 pounds that keeps sneaking up on you.


Your future holds struggle. You are good at struggles but this is silly. Are you tired yet?


You could get a coach. Let’s see, you need a life coach to get you past your shit, a business coach for the business, a spiritual teacher to reconnect you with God, a trainer because of the aforementioned 3 pound sneak and the way you were eating (could do better).


Hmm, that’s five different coaches. Oh and the kicker? You really aren’t so easily coachable. You like to think you are… but you are a little stubborn, strong-willed and cannot follow a weak leader.

So, even if you have the $43,000 for those five coaches (and that would be a deal) – you won’t fit with all of them and listen to them without question.



The Truth: Alpha Women can only be coached by an Alpha Balance CoachTM. If it’s a weaker person – Hell no. If it’s a strong male – you’ll fight him and he won’t “get you” anyway.


You need another Alpha Woman Entrepreneur. You can only coach with an Alpha that knows my techniques for Alpha Balancing, where you learn to let me lead you and feel safe with it.


When you learn to be led by your coach, you can also learn to be led by a proper Alpha mate and by your God (both good things!). Letting someone lead you is the same skill as letting someone LOVE you.


I am the coach for an Alpha Woman. Now you know you were looking for me and why. I can help you when you let me lead you. We will tackle your relationships – take them apart or resurrect them, we will solve the “I only get so far and then stop” problem.

We’re going after your potential and I will push you because I know what you are capable of. We’ll get your business turned in the right direction and step on the gas.


You want it all? Good. Let’s go. Before me, you had 22 problems. Now you have just one. Find your coaching investment and start numbering your to do list for me. We’ve got this.


My Alphas have saved their marriages, taking them from OK to fantastic Hallmark movie marriages (except she keeps her business). Others have gotten divorced without losing their minds, children or companies. All are more confident, less worried and less intimidating so they get happier cooperation without coercion.


They start doing the things they never had time for. They live A.W. E. (Alpha Woman Entrepreneur) worthy lives. You are a star. Time to start living like one.  Ready? If you read all this, you already KNOW.