My Clients Say…


Tanya is a dynamo and a treasure. If you get a chance to work with her energy, grab it and just listen to her. I do. Her business coaching works holistically and changes as you view your life. Her marketing is brilliant and clearly her gift and she won’t coddle you because she brings rapid change. I trust her judgement. She made me like a lawyer! And she will bring the Greatness out of You… That’s my Story and I’m sticking to it!!!


Les Brown

International Motivational Speaker

From Foodstamps to 100K

I remember the day we met 4 years ago playing tennis. I saw your power then by the words you used but wasn’t able to receive them. Fast forward to July 2015 when we reconnected on Facebook and subsequently meeting for tea, I knew you were the coach I needed. Well that is until you told me your fee and then said “if you’re serious, you’ll sell some stuff or even take the money from your 401K”. I’m like girl BYE….using my “inside” (internal) voice of course.


When we said good-bye that day I was saying to myself good riddance! Then what do you know, three days later I ended up having to withdrawal money out of my 401K to cover my monthly expenses so I thought why not take out the money to start with you. Hell what did I have to loose. I was a single mom with a master’s degree living off student loans and food stamps. Clearly I could use some coaching!


Our first meeting was three hours long. Three hours for you to tell me I was an overweight mistress with bad hair who sucked a little. You said until I owned my truth I couldn’t move forward, you likened it to a GPS, having to put in my starting destination to accurately map out directions to my destination. You ended it by saying I needed to “sit with it” for a while. I immediately went to my favorite movie “Two Can Play that Game” and in my Vivica Fox voice said to the camera “no this heifer didn’t just say what I think she said”.


I went home and sat with it already. I called a couple of friends and said I just paid this heifer good money to be told this bullshit. But after the second or third time retelling the story, it hit me. I was overweight, I was in a relationship with a married man, my hair was shitty and again the sheer fact that I was on food stamps kind of proved….I SUCKED! So instead of being pissed that I was going to have to pay a penalty for taking money out of my 401K, I really needed to “sit in my shit” and get my act together.


Our next session we starting developing the roadmap. The very next day, I had three interviews. The week after that I had 3 more and 1 and a possible job offers. The position I accepted was perfect. It was a contract for good money, I was 10 minutes away from my house and 5 minutes away from my son’s school. Life was good!


We kept working and the blessings kept coming. Finally I got the call for the exact position I said I wanted when I went back to school for yet another master’s degree. Only thing, this position would “disrupt” my entire lifestyle. The position required traveling and as a single mom meant I would have to depend on others to help me make this work. I called you excited but nervous as hell. This couldn’t be real, this was actually the position I told you just a couple of months prior that I wanted.


I knew I had to accept the position. What I didn’t know was how I was going to make it work. You said “let come what comes and let go what goes”. And I said, “what the hell”. But again, what did I have to loose….just a job making good money with good hours and convenient for my life. If I was going to own being the eagle you kept telling me I was I knew I had to jump out the nest and test my wings!


The best decision I ever made…..not the job (though its going exceptional well) but the COACHING!!! In a little over three months I’ve gone from food stamps to a salary over 100K, from being a mistress to having self love, from not having a job to telling people no thank you I’ve accepted something else.
I’m still overweight and hair is mediocre but I’m moving in the right direction and am confident that I’ll be able to turn those things around as well.


Your coaching is the fucking BOMB!!!


Forever grateful,


Money is not the reason you aren’t hiring a coach. You don’t need to let not having money stop you. When you act out of your desire and commit to yourself, the answers appear. To invest in coaching you make a statement about your own self-value and that value is immediately mirrored by the World in opportunities. Then the growth is fast and phenomenal. —Tanya


I’ll admit I was never really the biggest fan of coaching, I always felt that it was an industry full of people who want to tell you what to do but can’t do it themselves. But Tanya coaches from a very real place, a place of experience both on the business side and the personal issues that can have an effect on one’s business and life.


I had reached a roadblock in my life and in my business that I couldn’t quite figure out how to get across in order to make it through the threshold. Tanya not only helped me to see where I was missing the mark, she helped me create a plan of course correction.


In just 3 hours she helped me to see a subconscious pattern that I had been following for most of my life that finally caught up with me in current day. One of the most valuable things that Tanya shared with me, was how to have the proper mindset (prosperity consciousness) when going into a situation, and how when you don’t have the proper mindset (poverty consciousness) you are already setting yourself up for failure right from the very beginning (which I had been doing in many instances). She reminded me that whatever is happening internally is more important that anything that is happening externally.


When it comes to coaching and business, Tanya is beyond talented, she truly has a real gift for being a mirror to yourself to show you where your blind spots are. So if you are not truly ready to face yourself and make a change for the better then by all means don’t hire Tanya. However if you have reached a point in your business or in your life where you know you need to make a change and are ready for a quantum leap in results then by all means don’t walk, run to hire Tanya, as it may be one of the best life and business decision that you’ll ever make.


-R. Eason


Coaching uncovers possibilities and patterns that you just can’t see. In fact, often the harder and longer you’ve been trying to see them, the harder it is for you to see. All that is required is your willingness to finally see the truth and take some step toward it. —Tanya


When Tanya asked me to write a testimonial, I was filled with absolute dread. I thought 1) do you actually expect me to commit to written form my innermost feelings? It’s a miracle that I’m actually allowing myself to be coached. Once I cleared that hurdle (after learning to trust Tanya) I thought 2) I have no tangible results to report.


1.    100K+ Job Offer and Counter Offer (within the 1st 2 months of coaching): I declined.


2.    Substantial reduction in Family Chaos (within first 3 months of coaching): Still filing for divorce but process is on hiatus.


3.    Several examples of bizarre circumstances of personal luck enhancing personal, professional and spiritual life (occurrences gradually increased throughout entire coaching experience): Too Metaphysical or Intangible to be explained or appreciated in a testimonial.


Within those three instances seem to run a common theme of me reaching a higher personal vibration thus changing my environment and circumstances. That higher vibration served as fuel for strong personal self-love ignited by excellent example set by Tanya. Her words are powerful and insightful.


However, the real power was in growing to trust her because she walks what she talks. That trust grew from her consistent compassion, authenticity and congruence. From that grew profound love. As I grew to love her and her living example, I grew to love myself more. Love yourself by being brae enough to fully be yourself. That release/realization shifted my perspective and behavior. I no longer struggled with my circumstances but worked to change my reactions to them. Thus, my circumstances changed naturally and became a reflection of my state of mind.


With continued practice my flow will become consistent and commonplace instead of accidental and circumscribed. Tanya has given me great tools and a personal shining example of how to make being in the flow a way of life.



Male Coaching Client
Atlanta, GA


Coaching with you has been one of the best decisions I have made, you’re just wonderful – Talented, giving, loving, hard ass when needed and you just get it done.


Thanks for being you!!! — feeling grateful.


Nicole, Illinois

Arbonne + Home Service Business


I spent a very special VIP day with Tanya Stewart, my Alpha Woman coach. At first, I confess I was a  bit hesitant to go with a coach who promotes and embraces women’s “Alpha-ness”, because I thought she might be too powerful or intimidating for me, or she might not be a good listener.  But I can assure you: I never felt so “heard” in my life. Tanya is not only grounded in knowledge, experience, and confidence — she’s also very perceptive and sensitive.  She has catapulted my career in just a few hours. I came to the day with a vague idea of what I needed to get out of it: a clear path to move my business forward.  Tanya, in her gentle and direct way, started by helping me clarify the message I was sending to my potential clients, so that I could be more intentional about what I say and how I’d like them to respond.  In the  process, my message started to become clearer even to myself! Then, she helped me focus on specifics of where I’d like to be in a year, then, the bigger picture of 2 years and beyond.  Most importantly, she helped me refine my plan so that it will support my growth AND be 100% achievable. If you have a dream, but don’t know quite how to get there, I would definitely recommend having a chat with Tanya.  She is powerful, yet approachable, directed, yet perceptive;  She’s a very good listener, indeed!


Yolanda C. – Health & Wellness Coach


Tanya Stewart and I had the pleasure of meeting in San Diego a few weeks ago which led to a deeper conversation which then led to a coaching session. In ONE session Tanya helped me see that my lack of self love was still holding me back from becoming all that I’m meant to become. She has a powerful presence as God spoke through her to me. It was a few days later that the work she and I had done together really kicks in and the light came on. I could not have done this without YOU and your beautiful gifts Tanya. THANK YOU!!!


Tamaey Gottuso, PhD
Transformational Life Coach


Really happy we got to connect!!!! The universe blessed me to run into u that night…U are incredibly gifted, your presence is as strong as the sun, your messages u gave me were so on point, I absolutely luv luv luv your energy!!!! U made my trip in SD at the mastermind an amazing experience!! I’m looking forward to seeing u again…


Much Luv, Bliss xoxo


I have been working with you for a couple of years and I can honestly say my life has completely changed for the better. I attribute that directly to you. Before I started working with you I was functioning well and looked “normal” but I was emotionally cut off and spiritually dead. I was running on sheer determination and fumes. I was making little money and my only daughter didn’t like me.
Your loving insight and guidance gently brought me up to a fuller happier life. My energy vibration is much higher, I am connected to God and feel real joy. I’m making more money and feel emotionally healthy enough to have a successful romantic relationship. But the real evidence of my growth is that I now have a close, loving relationship with my 20 year old daughter. This is a note she tucked into my last birthday card, “Another year passed with many, many improvements within our relationship. I’m very thankful that we are doing better than at any other point in our past. I look forward to many more great years with you. You posses one of the most valuable and important qualities of all — the desire for self improvement. I love you bunches. Thanks for putting so much effort toward being a good mom to me.” There is no way I could have turned around that relationship without your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



Fullname and address withheld


I’ve never been so pleased to write a testimonial and letter of recommendation. Coach Tanya is nothing less than awesome, gifted, insightful, educated and laced with an intuition that will amaze anyone. I started working with Coach Tanya several months ago. The first time I attended her group session, I was mesmerized at the level of motivational information she was sharing with the group. At that moment, I knew I wanted personal coaching from her. I had been through a five year ordeal which was based on a throat injury which caused me to pretty much lose everything, including my careers, home and business, because I lost my ability to talk. After getting a good measure of healing, I wanted to connect with someone who could not only get my career and business back on track, but who could get my mind, emotions and success plans on track.


Coach Tanya has fostered growth in me by challenging me to look at my loses from a different perspective. She’s strategically questioned me to pull the best potential out of me and forced me into deep introspection about my beliefs, values and thoughts, along with how they contribute to my future success or failure.


I’d say, if anyone wants a passionate, committed business or personal coach to help them from whatever level they’re currently at, to whatever level they’re aspiring to… working with Coach Tanya is an extremely smart move.


Sha’ron Grace

Becoming Inc. VA Manager, Speaker, Author, Vlogger


Great coach. I just needed someone to put a little fire under me and you did when you reminded me of time wasting towards fulfilling God’s purpose for my life. Further, you held me accountable. I had to do away with my usual excuses and distractions to stay focused long enough to complete the assignment.
You got me to finish in 3 days a project I had been putting off for over a year! And it could change my whole career. I felt so good after it was sent off…Thank you for staying on me!!


E.M. Decatur GA

Business Lawyer


When I first met Tanya, I was looking for a change in direction with my business but had no idea what change I wanted to make professionally. I expected Tanya to just put me back on track professionally and guide me to further excel in my business. What I received from Tanya was a complete overhaul. There were times when I did not understand why Tanya had me working on certain issues but thankfully I trusted her enough to follow her directions. Now reflecting on where I am now, I am grateful that Tanya looked at me as a whole person and helped me to put all the pieces in my life in order so that I could be a better me and a better business person. After working with Tanya, I now have a new direction with my business. I am the happiest I have ever been professionally and personally because Tanya took the time to learn about me and cared enough to put forth the effort in her coaching to enlighten me. I have reached levels of success with my business that I would have never achieved without Tanya’s coaching.


S.P., Atlanta, GA

Divorce Attorney

I am a Certified financial planner (TM) and a pretty successful business owner before that.

I am a Certified financial planner (TM) and a pretty successful business owner before that. I love what I do and am good at it, but my business wasn’t growing the way I needed and I wasn’t meeting my income objectives. Then I met Tanya, and she is no ordinary business coach. She reached in and very quickly uncovered my resistance points, and I was resistant and uncomfortable, but she put me solidly on the path to increased profitability and renewed confidence. She weaves in coaching on your life,your fears and your stuck points. In fact, we started there and at first I resisted that. When I finally let go, I did some much needed work on myself from a bad divorce (are there good ones?) with an emotionally troubled teen. I was amazed at how fast she just sees where you got stuck and targets the solution.
I feel more confident now. I have a brand and elevator pitch that works for me and I knocked out my first book (she’s in the Acknowledgments). If you are thinking about her-go for it. Stretch and don’t miss this chance to turn a corner by thinking with your wallet. I am so glad I pushed myself and she agreed to coach me. She’ll kick your butt and you will thank her.


Mike S. Roswell, GA

Certified Financial Planner (TM), Author of “Raise Your Hand If…” and “Creator of Financial Comfort”


We connected instantly.


She is dynamic, brilliant, innovative, action oriented, loving, talented … Fiery… Spiritual… Connected…resourceful. She gets the job done… Expects you to get job done and clears the pathway to make it happen. Do it now.. Without coaching with her would not be where I am today.
I have a happier relationship and just purchased a brand new home…


Karen, Canada

Licensed Therapist

VIP Day - In less than 90 mins, Tanya helped me...

In less than 90 minutes, Tanya helped me identify specific events in my past that are keeping me from reaching my current goals. With her excellent coaching, I know I will clear these blocks and step into the roles I envision for myself. I cannot thank Tanya enough for her love and support. Watch out world, I’m ready, willing, and able to step into my complete badassery!


– Christie Miller, Healthy Living Architect and Founder of EatTrainWin


Dear Tanya,

Since it is Thanksgiving, I wanted to say thank you…I am very thankful that you have come into my life.

Thank you for your guidance, inspiration, help, and kick in the pants when I needed it.

As someone who is a consultant to small businesses for the past 30+ years, I found myself stuck and felt that I needed someone to help me. I searched and tested. Knowing what consulting and coaching really is, I found many people who called themselves coaches or consultants who didn’t have a clue. You were the only person I found who knew what you were talking about and could guide me towards getting balance in my life while actually helping me achieve what I want to achieve. You were the only person who could handle my very Type A, driving personality and be strong enough to stand up to me and actually help me….which you have.

From the business side, I’ve done more in less time because you made me schedule the time to actually get it done. The first time I didn’t go into the office to get work done was really tough. However, I did it and it became easier and easier to take time away from the office. And, as you know, the business didn’t die because I wasn’t there. Thanks to you, I am now aware of the “revolving door” of people coming into my office and interrupting me. So, I now schedule uninterrupted time away from the office to get what I really need to get done, done.

Now you are teaching me how to play and get balance in my life. This should be interesting and I look forward to seeing the wonderful results. Doing less and making more…is what you are teaching me now. I’m sure it will come to fruition.

I appreciate you, your friendship, and help.

Ruth K.
Profitability Master

VIP Day - You Taught Me More About Myself Than I Learned in 52 Years

You Taught Me More About Myself Than I Learned in 52 Years You are BRILLIANT!


You figured all that out without me having to explain any of it. I do need you in my life as a coach… When I called for an initial consultation, I was not expecting it to be life changing and powerful. You are the most dynamic and powerful woman I know. Just the few hours we’ve spoken, I’ve learned more about myself during our phone conversations, than I’ve learned in my 52 years of living. THANK YOU for sharing. I Love and Appreciate You!!! Whew!!! Just thinking about the impact you’ve already had on my life brings tears to my eyes.


Alpha Real Estate Business Owner Atlanta, GA



It’s me again… my testimony on the power of having a life coach. I hope you all remember how I shared when I was at Georgia Tech working on my “EXECUTIVE” MBA that I was on food stamps and living off my student loans. I had been laid off from a lucrative contract and seemed to be having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after having my every move questioned by a new manager that was intimated by my black girl magic. Then the Ga Tech environment didn’t help as I felt the small number of African Americans in the class always had to prove they were worthy of what many believe to be a prestigious opportunity. I began to question my own value clearly evident by the food stamps. And the really sad part was I was actually enjoying my EBT card! The universe knew I had lost my damn mind and reconnected me with Tanya.

We meet, spoke for like 2hrs and I knew in that meeting that I needed her in my life! The only problem was she didn’t accept EBT cards. Damn, I’m like now what! She looked at me and said if you are serious about improving your life, you’ll get the $1000 required for us to start. She said you’ll sell something, take something back or use money from your 401K. I walked away saying this heifer was crazy! But again, the universe saved me from myself and made it where I had to take money out of my 401K to make my mortgage payments so I figured, what the hell, I guess I’ll take out enough to get started with Tanya as well.

I told her I wanted to “create” a six-figure consulting job where I’d travel to the client site racking up points and miles to then use for my personal travel with the kids. Within six months of us working together, that exact opportunity presented itself. I worked it for a few years until it no longer served my needs. I knew I needed to come off the road for Miles. God had a recruiter call about a conversation we had TWO years prior and asked if I was still interested a job. I got my current job in less than a week later. And might I add, I never quit the first job I created. I worked BOTH until the created position laid me off….oh yeah, with a severance that was EXACTLY how much I took out of my 401K earlier to pay my mortgage and start with Tanya.

Fast forward to this year! After the death of Maurice, I decided I wanted to created something new for my life and be able to spend more quality time with both Miles and TJ but especially Miles since his dad had passed away. I looked to Tanya once again, who had a hefty ass price tag again to get started. I contemplated getting starting as I’m still working to get Maurice and Miles financial affairs in order that seems to be taking even longer given he’s such a young minor. So I didn’t want to have my money “tied up” with her not knowing when Miles would receive his! But I also knew I was ready for a change.

So once again, I betted on MYSELF and bit the bullet to start back coaching with her! We started in May. I recall telling her I wanted to “create” a six-figure job working from home with some travel opportunities. At one point, I was trying to MAKE a position by reaching out to people and applying for jobs I knew damn well I didn’t want. Tanya called me out on my shit! So much so I canceled a face to face interview with a panel. They were PISSED! But I knew in my heart of heart, that wasn’t where I wanted to be. The company was a fortune 100 so it would have been a “good look” for me… I thought. Tanya told me to keep working on my shit and myself in order to receive my divine opportunity! (She has taught on “The Anatomy of Opportunities” all month on FB live, you should check them out).

Well here’s the point of today’s email! I got a job offer tonight! For a job I didn’t apply for! For a job that I used to do! For a job that I used to travel to each week! For a job that I will now be doing for home and traveling to the customer site about once a month! And now that I’m homeschooling Miles, I’ll be able to take him with me when I need to be onsite! LOOK AT GOD!!!!!

The power of coaching is helping you get clear on what it is you really want out of life so you can get out of your own way and ATTRACT it!!! There’s a saying we don’t attract what we want, we attract WHO we are!!! Tanya helped me become “energetically” the type of PM that would make six figures working from home! Now that I can check that off, she’s going to help me to become an energetic sex kitten so I can attract my man of my dreams! LOL!!!

I share this as I’ve spoken to you at some point about the power of coaching and would really hope you consider it to take YOU to the next level! Of course I would highly recommend Tanya but she aint for everyone! You have to be able to own your shit!! If you like hiding and want someone to coddle you until you’re ready to come out this closet…..this aint THAT! But if you’re ready to own your power and face your fears, Tanya is your girl! The choice is yours! Are you ready, willing and able to finally choose YOU for once?


Anjanette D. Atlanta, Georgia


Thank you, Tanya! You are a very special lady! I noticed that instantly when I first saw you as you recall. You prove it over and over for those who allow themselves to SEE.

After we talked, I had a great deal on my mind which I was sorting through. Then later I went to bed. It was a very fitful sleep as I literally wrestled night. I was probably battling with my subconscious as the subconscious was trying to keep me the same as it perceives the same as safe as you know. My subconscious was not allowed to win!

I woke at 5am yesterday energized with a new vigor for the Divine Greatness which is supposed to be. I have been to the mountain top and now it is time to climb even higher where I will see even more from the elevated vantage point. Today I was up at 4:30am or earlier and going forward with vigor!

It is interesting by 8:30am or so yesterday the ideas were starting to flow. It was like space had been made available awaiting for the void to be filled with creative ideas. As a highly trained, experienced, and award winning Marketeer the ideas started rushing in to fill the open space. Good, actionable, differentiating ideas which will make a difference to the marketplace and with my company. Of course, I certainly want to perform for the benefit of my clients. But I also want to climb to the very top level within my company to show that a poor boy with a public school education can effectively compete with the many franchisees with much more distinguished credentials – i.e., doctors, lawyers, engineers, former executives such as a Intel former V.P.

Thank you again, Tanya, for your kindness and for your assistance in helping me to see more clearly. You are a real gem and a absolute benefit to the Universe. You help to provide the momentum to keep things ultimately moving forward like President Obama said. You are a person of service – a person of Divine Goodness!

Thank you for being YOU!

Mike E. Nashville, Tennessee


I want to thank you for my wonderful book. I think you wrote this book just for me 😊. I know I will have to go back and read it again because this is my life and I want to get everything I can out of it. I am going to continue to do what I need to do to improve ME!! You are amazing and I thank God for bringing you into my life. Have a great day!


Tasha B.


Tanya has been a monumental force in helping me move forward with my personal life and business shaving years off how long it would have taken me, if ever, to remove the blocks I didn’t know were there. I still have a long way to go, but working with Tanya has helped me live my life as a whole instead of different parts that were tugging me in different directions. I’m happy and on purpose – you can’t put a price on that. It’s true that coaching accelerates success, whatever that means to you. Invest in yourself – you deserve it!

Nicole C., Illinois

Arbonne + Home Service Business