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Help Me Break the TIE! It’s 39.1% to 34.8%…What do YOU think??

You know I just finished my Alpha Women Success Academy 🙂
It was AAAAAmazing.   Here’s what’s next!
1) I’m TEACHING A CLASS FOR YOU!!! – But I don’t know WHAT it is…
On Sunday, October 15th at 3 pm EST, I am giving you an awesome free class….BUT….I don’t know WHICH ONE TO TEACH.
I don’t have enough votes in to break the TIE…I asked the Academy graduates and
two classes are basically TIED!  
Which one you do YOU want?
The Alpha’s Life Success ToolKit – Basics You MUST Know for Love & Money (has 39.1%)
Get Off Your Own Brakes! How to Stop Sabotaging Your Success
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Look for the Winning Class Announcement next Wednesday!!

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I will begin sending them from: [email protected]  
You’ll need to whitelist that address to make sure you keep getting your good stuff! 
It’s not tricky – go here and it’ll tell you just what to do in a few steps!
If you are here AND joined the Academy, your inbox will go back to ONE email on Wednesdays and Fridays the week of our Class, Oct 15th. 🙂
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I want to TEACH BOTH Classes! Lol! I’ll tell you which one we are doing and how it will help you as soon as YOU TELL ME WHICH ONE YOU WANT! Let me know! Thank you!


Come into the Academy Private Community. Join our Facebook Group now, you’ll meet me and you can ask me and other Instructors your questions!


I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.




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[Self-Love] The Lesson You FORGOT from Kindergarten…


The Lesson You FORGOT from Kindergarten…

No matter where we grew up, what our culture was and what we did and didn’t have, there was a lesson that we were taught in kindergarten.

Just do your best.

I haven’t had a reason to think about “doing your best” for the majority of my adult life. I 
wrote about it recently here, noticing that “I did my best” has really become something that people say to EXC– USE their poor performance when they HAVEN’T done their best!

It’s not so simple as saying “just do your best” anymore, because as we grew up we added junk into our emotional and spiritual trunks that blocks our best efforts.

Now I’m going to tell you why you want to learn how to do your best. It is the magical shield that protects you from: guilt, worrying, regret, indecision and disappointment.

All that-in one.

I have been building the
 Alpha Woman Success Academy, at the same time that I’m finalizing my second book and finishing the first online, 8 week Alpha Success Course.

My demands on myself expanded my
 capacity soo much.

And there were times when I ran into obstacles, Alpha Definition of Obstacles: Other people not doing exactly what I want them to do, exactly when I want them to do it!

Because I have truly done my best, I can let it go easily.

This applies the same to anything you’re doing. 

When you have truly given your best, controlled what was yours to control, followed up where you need to follow up, stretched where you needed to stretch, hell, PAST where you needed to stretch…you can then release the outcome gracefully.

The outcome is going to be exactly whatever it is going to be.  That acceptance and surrender is SELF-LOVING to you. 

Know when to stop pushing.


We’ve all forgotten what we learned when we were five. We’ve told our children, if you did your best, it’s enough. It’ll be okay.

Alpha, where you did your best, it is enough.

You need help moving the blocks that you have put in your way over a lifetime, blocks that STOP you from showing up and doing your best.   

Ask me for help now. 

It truly is magical to look at an outcome that is DIFFERENT from what I wanted and planned and pushed for and feel AT PEACE WITH IT AND THEREFORE WITH ME. I really want this life balance for you. 


​​​​I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.




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[Self-Love] Are You Celebrating Your “Starts”?


[Self-Love] Are You Celebrating Your “Starts”?

We have a habit of only celebrating once we get to the “end” of something.
We celebrate the graduations from school. We celebrate retirement. We celebrate the wedding, the end of the courtship.

We celebrate the new house and the new car.

But these events are fleeting.  Most brides will tell you that in hindsight they don’t remember most of their wedding day and are puzzled as to why they spent $15,000 for that…

Where you REALLY want to start adding in celebrations is celebrating your BEGINNINGS!

I just began the
Alpha Women Success Academy online. It launched and went live yesterday 🙂

Old me would’ve woken up thinking about the 32 things that I NEEDED to be doing today and the book that’s due to the publisher shortly…(okay, 3 days from now.) 

I made myself lay in bed for a few extra minutes and enjoy that I had CREATED what I had IMAGINED. It’s real and live and serving Alphas for free.

I was celebrating the beginning!  The Academy is a 10 day event, so it’s really easy to think, ‘I’ll have that chocolate and hot bubble bath on the night of the 10th day.’ 

That’s not self-loving. You are punishing yourself for not being “done yet.” It is MORE important that you boost your spirits and energy for the journey rather than the destination. 

I want you to look around and see whatever you’ve just started. And… Celebrate!

Did you just start a book? Did you just start a job search? Did you just start your weight loss & life changes? New relationship? Celebrate now. Do not make your happiness contingent upon future outcomes that you cannot totally control. 

You’ve begun. You’re in motion. That is worth at least a small piece of chocolate!

My celebration will be the new sheet set that I bought and I’ve been saving. New sheets go on the bed tonight for Day 1!

Pull your attention away from the “more that you still have to do”. Look back at what you’ve accomplished to be where you are right now. It’s pretty freaking amazing!

Go Celebrate Alpha!


If you’re not in the Academy yet, get in there!  And it is really a creation of love that I want to share with you.


​​​​I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.




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[Success] Powerful Businesswomen Do NOT ________________

Powerful Businesswomen Do NOT _________

Rush. Powerful women don’t rush.

Why? Because they’ve built businesses that work, relationships that actually give back to them AND they make time for the healthy body they want. They look good!

Are you rushing? Worrying?
 Still trying to squeeze it ALL into one day and running out of hours to work on your own dream? Your mission?

Here’s a secret – powerful, happy women don’t have to rush and powerful happy women aren’t born that way – they were coached!

Now you can start getting what they have and the only investment is your time. $0.


It’s my gift to you,
 because I’m the founder and Leader of the online
 Alpha Woman Success Academy.

I and the other Instructors will show you how to DO those things that will get you back on track to a balanced life by creating the success that you want.

Want to know how to write Facebook ads? In the Academy.

Can’t figure out why you can do everything but lose weight? In the Academy.

Roomate marriage
? Want to date without settling?

Looking for the way to Peak Performance?

Need to close more sales maybe?…
 Get ALL that in the Success Academy HERE. 

Rush somewhere else… Don’t rush pass this. Because it’s just for YOU. It’s for Alpha women who want more out of life with less struggle.


Powerful business women don’t rush because all areas of their life are working and in balance. THAT is a learned skill. Join me in the Alpha Women Success Academy to bring that balance into your Relationships, Money and Life’s Purpose.

This is what I have been working focused, head down, ears back to build and it’s ready. The Academy OPENS Thursday, Sept 21st at 7 am EST. If you don’t sign in, you won’t see the 30 min video interviews and get some of the very useful gifts. My Instructors were very generous, several gave their entire book vs. a few chapters for instance.
This is my best one YET! The Turning Point Summit  –> Self-Love Blueprint –> Alpha Women Success Academy 🙂 

​​​​I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.




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[Presence] Rushing is NOT Powerful

Rushing is NOT Powerful

I was sitting in my co-work place and saw a woman beautifully dressed, that had an aura of “I’ve got this” about her. She rushed by in her heels.

A bit later she sped by again. Click. Click. Click. And then later again. On the fourth pass, I stopped this stranger and told her that people wait for the powerful, the wealthy and the beautiful.

She paused, lit up and thanked me profusely. She was an Alpha and she got it right away. Later, walking by with presence she threw me a pleased smile.

If you can, recall any scene where a stunning woman is walking, is she rushing? NOPE. Strolling or sauntering. Maybe walking purposefully but not RUSHING.

The energy of RUSHING is FEAR & LACK.


The powerful have the luxury of time and choice and they use it to accommodate their schedules and preferences.

When I want to feel MORE wealthy, more beautiful, more desired or in demand – I don’t speed up…I SLOW DOWN.

Marilyn Monroe didn’t rush. I doubt Oprah rushes anymore. Jackie Kennedy Onassis, wife of a President and then billionaire shipping magnate? Nope.

What about if I’m on a deadline?

Then you P.U.S.H. ©2016, but you don’t rush.

the little things

the WHY

the Goal

Your Intuition

Rushing is NOT powerful.
We most often rush because we aren’t PLANNING well enough.

What would you have to do to set yourself up for success next week WITHOUT rushing? 

Are you WILLING to do that?
Hit Reply & Let me know!



​​​​I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.




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Rosary I FOUND While Praying

[Truth] Sharing A Miracle, Need A Favor…


Sharing A Miracle, Need A Favor…


Today I’m sharing a story that shows how I use exactly what I TEACH YOU to handle problems and the Miracle that just arrived…

If you’ve been watching, I’m building my 3rd Global Event (It may be how you found me originally!). This one is for Alphas of course! So it means I’m spinning an awful lot of plates right now.

wGot the book, The Alphas Guide to Life, to the editor. Working on the design of an 8 week Online course for Alphas and building the free “Alpha Women Success Academy: How to Get Your Money, Your Man and Your Mission. NOW.”


I pushed to get everything tested and working from a tech side for the Academy before anyone arrived. Same way you hurry to get house clean before the guests get there! This morning a friend wrote me that one of my links to join the Academy, WASN’T WORKING.

First, I noticed that I didn’t panic, blame or get angry. I had 4 devices open to try to repeat the error. My assistant had her devices open. With great hoopla, I finally saw it fail. Called GoDaddy (awesome company!) for support to learn it was the other large company, LeadPages (also good).

And…Nothing. Crickets. No one could get it to repeat so they couldn’t “fix” it.

What did I do?
 After 3 hours noticed that doing anything else would be STRUGGLING and I teach the way to SUCCESS is SURRENDER. I did all I could so I…went for a 2 mile walk.

I walked and prayed and used my best affirmations. I knew the glitch was about me or FOR ME somehow (notice, no blaming). I began to feel better and better. I knew I was loved and guided and I asked my guardian angel to send me a sign please.

The Universe is happy to send you signs and they will use what YOU would view as a sign to communicate with you.

I looked down just as I asked and saw something in the dirt on the side of the road. Something blue…and green. I picked up two beads. Blue and green are my business colors and blended together they make TEAL my new FAVORITE color.

Before I could rejoice, I felt I should look again.  Covering almost 10 feet, I picked up the scattered pieces of a bracelet rosary! With the crucifix!

God still gives signs. Miracles still happen and yes, you can ASK for one. Some would count this as a “small” miracle but miracles do not have a SIZE.

What was I affirming before my miracle?
  • That I was doing all that I knew to do.
  • Willing to do whatever was necessary.
  • And that I was asking for guidance and would give immediate obedience to whatever I was shown to do…therefore, since I’d covered the process, the outcome could be safely SURRENDERED.

That is EXACTLY what I taught in The Success Jump Start Kit that is an immediate gift when you join the Alpha Academy online event.


I have a favor to ask. The favor is my 2nd miracle. I need to send traffic to my site to test that it’s working and that folks can get registered and get the Success Kit immediately BEFORE my instructors send more traffic and maybe hit that glitch (I may have lost some folks today).

If you want to see what I’m up to, get The Success Kit and help me out by testing it – I would be grateful. Just click a photo.

These Instructors and the content has me in awe. The gifts are generous. I just feel blessed to be building this for you.
please send me the info with a screenshot!!! I appreciate it.


P.S. It is possible the glitch was to get me to this rosary. If so, then all is well and there is nothing TO fix! 

I make jewelry and I WILL repair the rosary God sent me! 



​​​​I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.




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[Truth] Telling Your Truths…Prepare to Begin a 4 Phase Process of PAIN!

[Truth] Telling Your Truths…Prepare to Begin a 4 Phase Process of PAIN!
What? You KNOW I tell the truth. I have an Alpha in Part 4 right now. It’s a part no one expects and it flattens most Alphas who are new to telling their truth.  Ready?

Phase 1:

Hard. Especially where the “truth” you are seeing involves YOU losing something you have or NOT getting something you want. Many, many folks do not ever get past this phase. Alphas are tough, we can see the truth (especially if you have a high-energy, loving, slightly mouthy black woman helping you).



Phase 2:

Umm harder. We have to tell the truth to OURSELVES first. Did you know that we lie to ourselves way more than anyone else? AND if you lie to yourself, you can’t be trusted to tell the truth others. Apply this to those around you. If you see BIG, SHINY truths that they are playing “hide-n-seek” with and never FINDING they are lying to themselves.

Most Alphas are pretty suck here. You either only tell the truth in ANGER (not good) or after you’ve been hurt (also not good) or you keep quiet and squish the truth inside. Now ask me why you are depressed, carrying extra pounds, can’t make money and don’t feel attractive? Bingo.

Phase 3:

Scary! So many Alphas that CAN see the truth and tell themselves – yep, that’s how it is… then can’t take the next right step. To leave that job, end that relationship, stop driving by the damn donut place, talk to the creditor you are avoiding. Acting consistent with the truth you KNOW means you BELIEVE IT and it is a huge clue to character.

Circumstances do not make the man, they only REVEAL him to HIMSELF
— Epictetus, Greek Philosopher 100 AD
To believe in something and not live it, is dishonest —-Mahatma Gandhi

Phase 4:

Crazily Hard. No one knows this but if you run the gauntlet of Phases 1-3 you are in a for a treat! A full-frontal assault from your Ego who is royally miffed about all this “truthing.”  Truth is a synonym for love, so…that is panic time in Ego world. It will come at you from every angle:
  • Look what you lost – lack
  • You spoke too late – timing
  • You said too much – judgment
  • You shouldn’t have listened to whoever told you to tell the truth (i.e. Alpha Women Coaches)
  • You were doing just fine and look at this unnecessary mess – fatigue
  • You’ll never get back what you just threw away by doing that – fear
In short, it will do everything it can to put you into 3 corners of the Alpha Square of Doom – Resenting, Resisting and Regretting.
Ready for the solution? Do NOT fight your head. It’s like trying to convince a drunk they are NOT drunk. The more you fight the more THEY fight. I want you to agree and keep repeating, I have a choice and I choose truth. If truth brings me trouble, so be it.

Isn’t this what you want your kids to do?
Do the right thing and count the consequences later.

Isn’t this what we need our world leaders to do?
Choose truth and if truth brings trouble, SO BE IT.
Set the example. You can and will survive Phase 4 and when you do it often enough, you cripple the ego’s strength.

P.S. To my Alpha in Spain right now, I love you. You are in Phase 4. You chose TRUTH. If truth brings you trouble, we will kick troubles ASS together! Hold the line to want what you want and keep telling the truth and acting on it until it’s part of your character. A person IS what she constantly DOES.

Advanced Lesson – I have learned not to RESIST choosing truth or REGRET AFTER I chose truth. I’m now only worried if I didn’t! Truth IS protected by the Universe.


​​​​I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.




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[Mindfulness] What You Can Learn From Fake Eyelashes…


What You Can Learn from Fake Eyelashes…

I have kind of watched out of the corner of my eye (hehe) the new trend of women getting fake eyelashes. I have no clue if it started with black women, but I do see them used there quite a bit.

I knew it had hit mainstream when my StepMom showed up with them for a family wedding. And you know what? She looked awesome!

So I noticed that my tiny “judgy” voice was going and told it to lean back.
Much like hair extensions, these things make some women feel more beautiful. My worry is when you HAVE to have them to feel beautiful and when little girls learn that their hair, nails, butt, eyelashes, breasts and whatever else aren’t “good enough” as God made them and should to be augmented.

I had lashes once a few years ago, when I was hosting an internet Tv show for National Small Business week. Someone owed me and I received $300 movie star lashes as barter! Hand applied, mink and done by the lady in Atlanta who does the news anchors. Guilty secret? I loved them. I just felt GLAMOROUS. Marilyn Monroe-y. And they DID make me prettier and saved me some prep time in make-up on set.

Fast forward to last week. Getting ready to shoot 20+ interviews for the upcoming Alpha Women Success Academy. (Oh, you are invited of course!) I was in the chair getting my eyebrows done and suddenly my intuition said go for the lashes!

I did it. First, $25 lashes are WAAAY different from $300 lashes. And someone glue-ing near your eye is just plain SCARY. (I used my yoga breathing.) But… the effect…hello black Marilyn, I missed you!
Where does the mindfulness come in? To keep these suckers on, you have to become MINDFUL. How I sleep, how I wash my face, moisturize and especially remove the make-up I’m layering on for filming.

Instead of RESISTING the extra work, I am enjoying it!
Million dollar tip: I chose to change my MIND about it.  I am taking more time at night and in the morning with my face. I carefully wash it and anoint it with goodies like Vitamin C and sunscreen. I feel INDULGENT taking this extra time on me FOR ME.  

I didn’t need a reason to take better care of me… or DID I?

Mindfulness brings love and patience and Source into whatever you are doing.
You can be mindful doing laundry, cutting grass (one of my favorite times to be with “me”), applying lotion or driving.

Mindfulness is just being 100% with you.

I am prettier in these lashes because my energy is heightened in them, in part because they have me investing more time IN ME. What you focus on and pay full attention to is VALUABLE.

What can you do this weekend MINDFULLY? Let me know if you need my help.

Eyelashes also fall into my “crutches” category because I am NOT a make-up girl. (If I told you how old my foundation was, you’d call the EPA..) It means I don’t have to try to cake on mascara. My normal make up is lipstick and eyeliner and neaten eyebrows. With lashes, I don’t even need the eyeliner!

Take 3 Mins and Enjoy a video of me teaching “Mindful Lotioning”!



​​​​I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.




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[Gratitude] More Starts With ONE…


More Starts With ONE…

One. I grew ONE Sunflower.

I bought all these packs of seed and kind of randomly sprinkled.
I got a pot full of Zinnias – gorgeous, bold colored ladies.

I got some Morning Glories, which are UBER Alpha, they use the other slower growing plants as a trellis to climb! (I’ve discussed this with them at length, they are NOT backing down on this, they have seized control of their planter and seem to be plotting world domination starting with my porch!)

And ONE sunflower. I was standing outside admiring my little beauty when suddenly a bee flew up – right to my ONE sunflower. I stood back in awe as 2 more bees, one a bumble, flew in over next few minutes.

I had been thinking, she’s so beautiful and I’d focused on having more of her instead of just enjoying HER. But the bees set me straight. 

THEY were glad I’d grown her! The bees didn’t diminish her value because she was just one flower.Bees fly miles and miles (I’ve heard up to 16!). I shortened their work that day 🙂


Sometimes we don’t appreciate things without quantity. We forget all about quality and intentionality.

I am so proud that I grew my first Sunflower. I am crazily pleased that the ONE flower helped some local bees.

Weeks go by and I just yesterday I saw ONE butterfly come visit my Zinnias. 

I don’t have a fancy garden. I have a handful of flowers in pots that are beautiful to me. 

My small handful of flowers are a gift to my bees and apparently my ONE visiting butterfly.


Do not despise the day of small beginnings. Do not judge if your first or early results are small or singular. 

No great thing is born fully formed. Do I want you to have MORE? Yes. But please honor the single moments, the one accomplishment and great day that happens on the way…

If you have something that gives you joy or pleasure, don’t focus on how little you have of it. Focus on the fact that you DO have it. If you are aiming at a big goal, often it’s a great idea to aim first at a smaller piece.

Often the Universe is watching to see how you honor the humble and praise the single Sunflower you’ve grown, before it opens the floodgates of lavish supply.

This is true for ONE good day in an entire week, ONE good sales call, ONE great outfit that fits you perfectly. Practice your gratitude for the single points of goodness in your life so that they can expand into the MORE you desire.


Watch out for the habit of looking at your “ONE” in complaint or disrespect.

One sale can turn things around.

One job can save a family.

One coach can show you how to turn the corner to a life with less struggle.

Look for the singlegood things around you and praise them. 

Did you spot my ONE little lizard? He looks kind of like a Gecko. I had an adult hanging about earlier and my tiny little Universe of pots is now home to it’s little one. He was not much bigger than an inch when I first spotted him. Let me know if you think of a good name! He’s my Pest Control!


​​​​I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.




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[Goals] In Praise of CRUTCHES…

In Praise of CRUTCHES…




I officially give you, Alpha, permission to reach your goal in a way that works for YOU.

It is very easy to get caught beating yourself up because what SHOULD work for you, doesn’t.

  • I should be able to just DECIDE to eat less meat, no sugar and drink a green smoothie every day.
  • I should be in the mood to have sex multiple times a week without encouragement.
  • I should wake up ready to jump to work on the “big project.”

If you aren’t reaching your goals EASILY, I give you permission to add the crutch you need. I give you permission to use a bribe. I give you permission to pay someone else to do the parts you can but won’t (umm, not the sex one, that’d be weird).


  • If you won’t exercise unless you pay a trainer for 24 weeks in advance – then pay HIM!
  • If you won’t eat right unless someone else cooks and delivers the food – sign up! (Why do you think all these diet plans now have food delivery components?!)
  • If you won’t work on your big project unless you set a public deadline – set that puppy!

I recently joined a co-work space that I adore!
Think of a ginormous Starbucks, minus crying children, no pressure to buy sugar laden drinks or treats plus tons of whiteboards and conference rooms you can reserve or rent. Heaven!

Notice, I AM disciplined enough to work from home. I have done that for years. But you know what? This FEELS better to me right now. It makes doing all the work I am doing (writing the Alpha Book, putting together the Alpha Woman Academy Fall summit and creating the first Alpha online course) EASIER. If it’s a “crutch”, I don’t care.

I am HAPPY to give these people my money!
The atmosphere and energy of the place is focus, productivity and freedom. Yes please!

Ego would tell you to stay and home and save the money because you SHOULD be able to do the work from your home office. Paying to sit in a public space to work is a “crutch”. Screw that.

Do what YOU need to do to get YOUR RESULT.

Some of you think you don’t need a coach, because you can ‘make yourself’ do whatever I’d have you do. Maybe you could. Maybe you will. But when??

Coaching compresses time and time is not guaranteed to you.

If you are over 40 and still “waiting” to reach your goal – consider giving yourself permission to do what you need to do to get what you want.

Do not compare yourself to others. It always looks like it’s “easy” for them from the outside. Often they are just as challenged as you are in a different area. Crutches can let you start from where you are to get where you are going.  As long as you don’t get addicted to your crutches, you are fine. 

Shout out to my new home – – Millie, you Rock!


​​​​I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.




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