[Goals] In Praise of CRUTCHES…

In Praise of CRUTCHES…




I officially give you, Alpha, permission to reach your goal in a way that works for YOU.

It is very easy to get caught beating yourself up because what SHOULD work for you, doesn’t.

  • I should be able to just DECIDE to eat less meat, no sugar and drink a green smoothie every day.
  • I should be in the mood to have sex multiple times a week without encouragement.
  • I should wake up ready to jump to work on the “big project.”

If you aren’t reaching your goals EASILY, I give you permission to add the crutch you need. I give you permission to use a bribe. I give you permission to pay someone else to do the parts you can but won’t (umm, not the sex one, that’d be weird).


  • If you won’t exercise unless you pay a trainer for 24 weeks in advance – then pay HIM!
  • If you won’t eat right unless someone else cooks and delivers the food – sign up! (Why do you think all these diet plans now have food delivery components?!)
  • If you won’t work on your big project unless you set a public deadline – set that puppy!

I recently joined a co-work space that I adore!
Think of a ginormous Starbucks, minus crying children, no pressure to buy sugar laden drinks or treats plus tons of whiteboards and conference rooms you can reserve or rent. Heaven!

Notice, I AM disciplined enough to work from home. I have done that for years. But you know what? This FEELS better to me right now. It makes doing all the work I am doing (writing the Alpha Book, putting together the Alpha Woman Academy Fall summit and creating the first Alpha online course) EASIER. If it’s a “crutch”, I don’t care.

I am HAPPY to give these people my money!
The atmosphere and energy of the place is focus, productivity and freedom. Yes please!

Ego would tell you to stay and home and save the money because you SHOULD be able to do the work from your home office. Paying to sit in a public space to work is a “crutch”. Screw that.

Do what YOU need to do to get YOUR RESULT.

Some of you think you don’t need a coach, because you can ‘make yourself’ do whatever I’d have you do. Maybe you could. Maybe you will. But when??

Coaching compresses time and time is not guaranteed to you.

If you are over 40 and still “waiting” to reach your goal – consider giving yourself permission to do what you need to do to get what you want.

Do not compare yourself to others. It always looks like it’s “easy” for them from the outside. Often they are just as challenged as you are in a different area. Crutches can let you start from where you are to get where you are going.  As long as you don’t get addicted to your crutches, you are fine. 

Shout out to my new home – www.MeetAtRoam.com – Millie, you Rock!


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