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Let’s Build Your Perfect (Square of) Life…​


Florence Scovel Shinn is a Master Teacher for me.


She wrote “The Game of Life and How to Play It” and it changed my life. She taught that life is meant to be a perfect square: Perfect Health, Wealth, Love and Self-Expression (I call this Mission).


While she passed away 78 years ago, her work was seminal in the New Thought Christian movement and is the nucleus of many of our most famous motivational speakers, leaders and coaches.


I teach struggling Alphas to build their own perfect square of life. So we will spend this month working on each corner one at a time. I know you are in a hurry, Stop It!


Last week’s training – Why You REALLY Want to Be Wrong… 


Truth Time! Your Health Is A Good Self-Love Meter


Do not fool yourself one second longer.


The time you are NOT taking and making to sleep 8 hours, eat life giving, real food and put in MORE physical maintenance to balance out the deterioration of aging IS telling you how YOU value you or NOT.


Remember, weight loss is a crappy goal.


How you interact with your body not only tells you the TRUTH of your own feelings about you but is either HELPING you reach your goals (Fasting Can Make You Money) or hurting your plans.


When I teach building your perfect square, we start with health because money, love and purpose are hard to enjoy for a bedridden person. 


Here is the clarion call made simple. You must start looking at little slips of health like they are HUGE. If you treat 3lb weight gain like 20lbs you’ll never GET TO 20 lbs.  I have a friend that is 30+ up and she just hit the “emergency, this HAS to shift” button. Do not wait that long.


Look for the spot where you start to slip and criminalize it. Do not let yourself go more than 2 days with your sleep messed up. Do not let yourself get more than 2 days off your workout. 170 lbs is my Tanya is SCREWING UP weight.


Whatever the line is, draw it now.


Health is a barometer to self-love and discipline. If you are weak in one, you are usually weak in both. My mate is at his lowest weight in 20 years, down 7+ kilos (more than 15lbs) in less than 2 months because his self-love jump started his discipline.



How Do You Turn the Ship Around?


First, tell the truth so aggressively that it makes you uncomfortable. (I’m a good coach for dropping truth like it’s a grand piano). You NEED that discomfort to motivate you to hit the “time to change” button.


Then, take the tiniest step you can find to take right now. So small it’s stupid. (I may trademark that!) Take a step so small your mind (ego) will tell you it’s stupid. Like drink ONE glass of water before bed. Good. It’s also so easy you won’t resist it and will do it.


Do that tonight. Do it again tomorrow.


Do you know what will happen if you take small steps around 3-5 times? 

Momentum kicks in! And it is your BFF.


Alphas will buy a Ninja blender, $25 in veggies, new leggings, look at rejoining the gym, set a 5 am alarm…




Overdoing will burn it out. Baby steps. Micro commitments. 


Build your health in tiny little pieces until you have momentum and can make larger commitments ONE at a time.


There is no excuse. Do not ask me how to make money or find love or live your purpose when you won’t care for your one & only body. Why would the Universe bless you with ANY of those before you demonstrated basic self-love?


The discipline to NOT eat that donut is the discipline to build your empire.


DO ask me for all that if you are starting to take BETTER care of you 🙂

You already know what to do. Get on it! Begin to Build your Health.


In Joy,



P.S  I just made myself a quick salad to get back into a higher eating gear. I was in my lowest eating gear this last week while my mate was here for Halloween.  I do not push & panic to resume my higher health gear. I just begin consciously shifting one small bit at a time til I hit momentum and THEN I can gun it! 


We roasted Pumpkin seeds! I literally had a Pumpkin Seed bender…soo good. FYI – these are awesome for men to eat. Helps testosterone 🙂




Tanya Stewart is “The Alpha Woman Coach” and began coaching strong women as a Divorce lawyer in her own high conflict law firm 20 years ago. She understands how Alpha women are wired and using her Master’s level Metaphysics background and Advanced Clinical Certification in Hypnotherapy, she brings rapid change to people she works with. 


She is a speaker, published author and Mensa member whose coaching is recommended by the World-Famous Motivator, Les Brown, Best-Selling Love Coach Greg Baer and International Change Expert, Dr. Eldon Taylor. She can teach you to separate struggle from success. 


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