[Blocks] Excuses: The 2nd “Ex Energy” Ruining Your Life

Get Ready to Look Hard at your Excuses


We are on week 2 of “Ex Energy”. Your relationship to Exceptions, Excuses, Extensions and Explanations will tell us a LOT about how your life is going.


A life that is consciously created doesn’t have lots of EMERGENCIES. Guess what Ex Energy attracts?? Emergencies! By the bucketful. And if you keep having emergencies (yours or someone else’s) you are drowning in Ex Energy.


Review last week’s coaching post – How Do EXCEPTIONS Ruin Your Life?




Excuses Reduce Reliability

(last week typo correction- Exceptions Bend Boundaries)


What You Are Doing: Your (insert name of someone you care about) didn’t do (insert thing they promised to do that you need) and the “WhatHadHappenedWas” Fairy has come to town! Or it’s YOU telling the “story.”


Harm It Causes: Loss of Trust.


You aren’t trusted to get big things done. You don’t trust yourself and lack of trust is rarely limited to one area- it spreads like weeds. Or you feel like an idiot for trusting this person just “one” more time.


What It Attracts Energetically: Unreliable People.


People who will say they support you but then don’t. Things that “fall through” as the last minute. Lies from others and self-deception for you. The untrustworthy also attract Rescuers for balance.


What You Get When You Stop: Trust.


Trust is a requirement for being given power and greater control. This is true externally in a business and internally in your own emotional world. Trust is a requisite for love of self and being able to BE loved by others.



Which are you? The excuse maker or excuse taker or God help you, both?


Alphas are often hard on themselves, so you don’t often make excuses to OTHERS. You make excuses to YOURSELF. Stop it. The energetic effect is the same if not worse! It says you are worth less than everyone else. 


Here is your Excuse Exercise (that has a nice ring to it!):


1) Make a list of the top 5 people that you “accept” excuses from.


2) Note next to their name the area of life you accept these excuses in – Health, Wealth, Love or Self-Expression.  (Note this for your own excuses too!)


3) Now, note how YOU show up for these top 5 no-show people on a scale of 1-10 where 6 is meh, 7 is good, 8 is great, 9 is extraordinary and 10 is epic.


Conclusion Time:


If you’ve done this work you know notice that you are giving way to much to people who are not giving you the same respect & reliability. Giving where you don’t ever get on the same level creates TRUST issues for you.


***Please be EXTRA alarmed if your treatment is better for the highest no-shows and more average for the tame ones. The worse they are, the better you are is a BIG No-No!


You’ve also determined what area that you devalue the most. This is the area that you need the most love and should intentionally work to improve your trust in.


Hint: Mine used to be Love, now that’s better, but the area where I still take & make the most excuses is Wealth. Discovering and owning this truth is like a $5,000 moment I’m giving you. Take it and do something about it.


EXcuses are ruining your life. Giving or accepting.


In Joy,




P.S. You may really have to LOOK. Once I started writing this series, I uncovered areas of Ex energy I hadn’t even noticed! I am in a moratorium on receiving Ex energy for the rest of the month! Join me! Just say no to your Exs!! 

Tanya Stewart is “The Alpha Woman Coach” and began coaching strong women as a Divorce lawyer in her own high conflict law firm 20 years ago. She understands how Alpha women are wired and using her Master’s level Metaphysics background and Advanced Clinical Certification in Hypnotherapy, she brings rapid change to people she works with. 


She is a speaker, published author and Mensa member whose coaching is recommended by the World-Famous Motivator, Les Brown, Best-Selling Love Coach Greg Baer and International Change Expert, Dr. Eldon Taylor. She can teach you to separate struggle from success. 


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