[Blocks] Am I REALLY Committed? Resistance Part 3 of 4

Hey, You Aren’t Committed!!


Commitment. The C Word. We continue looking at what Resistance can teach us. This week #3 we learn that when we feel resistance to what we are doing, we may not be COMMITTED.


Today you’ll learn WHY that lack of commitment is messing you up and how to get past it.


Resistance Could Be Telling You…You Aren’t COMMITTED!


You keep bailing on yourself. You just cannot hold the course on this project. Why? All that resistance you feel to sitting down and putting in the work is telling you that you aren’t committed.


Often we do the “external” parts of commitment first and easiest. If we say we are going to get healthy, we start buying diet food (no, that won’t be effective, but that’s another post!), new workout shoes and grab that Jillian Michaels DVD set.


So you LOOK committed.


And if anyone asks, you’ll say the right things. “I’m ready.” “This is my year.” “I’m going to make this change…” 


So you SOUND committed. 


But you hit your resistance and don’t follow through because you didn’t get commitment in the MOST important place first. 


INTERNAL COMMITMENT: When you FEEL Commitment in your heart and AGREE to it with your head. 


I have a 4 Step process that works to make any decision and the first step is Commitment – when you decide the outcome that you must achieve and you will forsake all other outcomes for (there’s a reason that’s in the marriage commitments – its a good statement!). 


Once the commitment to health is truly made on a deep heartfelt level and you do the work to get your mind to accept it, you will become UNIFIED. In a unified you, no resistance will be offered.


There would be no place for resistance to come FROM.


When you aren’t able to do something you say you want to do, usually you did not get the goal past BOTH the committee of your mind and your heart.


What Do I Do If I Find I Am NOT Committed to X? 


1) Pull back and Play the WHY? Game. Ask yourself what you want and then ask WHY? And keep asking Why or Why Do I Want That? Until you are at the core of what you REALLY want (usually 5-10+ why questions)


2) Take that golden Why and ask yourself if your heart can agree to doing what it takes to bring that to you?


3) If yes, ask your practical, logical self (mind) if you will agree to doing WHATEVER it takes to bring that into your life?


4) Next give yourself some examples of how you can FAIL and imagine yourself hitting these obstacles and staying on course anyway. Visualizing this will strengthen you for the future.


5) Now you have something you can better Commit to, that should attract less resistance as you pursue it.




In Joy,



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Tanya Stewart is “The Alpha Woman Coach” and began coaching strong women as a Divorce lawyer in her own high conflict law firm 20 years ago. She understands how Alpha women are wired and using her Master’s level Metaphysics background and Advanced Clinical Certification in Hypnotherapy, she brings rapid change to people she works with. 


She is a speaker, published author and Mensa member whose coaching is recommended by the World-Famous Motivator, Les Brown, Best-Selling Love Coach Greg Baer and International Change Expert, Dr. Eldon Taylor. She can teach you to separate struggle from success.

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