[Commitment] My Word for 2018 is _______________

My Word for 2018 is INTENTIONAL…


Resolutions suck. They don’t work. They are pretty much like diets, everyone rushes in to begin them and then fall off, leaving you feeling WORSE than before you began.


What I said about resolutions last year is still good advice…I encouraged you in a 7 min video to ASK THIS SINGLE QUESTION INSTEAD.


Another great practice? Pick a word or two word phrase for your ENTIRE YEAR. My 2017 phrase was “Flexible Momentum”. I wore that thing out! And it served me very well.


My word this year is INTENTIONAL. My time, my health, my wealth, my purpose, my connections, my passion – all Intentional! I choose to be at CHOICE, creating my own results, for the entire year as much as possible.


Pick your WORD rather than your resolutions.

Your word can guide you in and through everything

you are doing for the entire year.



Part of me being Intentional is changing my publishing schedule. This year you will see one weekly coaching post from me on Wednesdays 🙂


I am re-distributing my time to suit my goals!


I am also finishing the Online Alpha Success Course this month! It is the Crash Course to Clarity & Confidence. You need that right?? It is 8 weeks long, designed just for you, to really move you from where ever you start toward your success. The investment is $597, a fraction of private coaching. 


I have some Alphas that are looking to start in February as the first class. They will get extra special treatment. AND my stuff has a satisfaction guarantee so you never risk your money.

If you are INTENDING for 2018 to do better, this could be a good way to start.

Resolutions? No. Word for the year? Yes.


Want help in your budget? Ask me about the Online Alpha Success Course: Crash Course to Clarity & Confidence. 8 weeks, online plus you get a private Facebook group to send me your homework and get feedback.


I Show
 Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your 
Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.



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