[Self-Care] Why You Need To Make Time To Be Alone…(Especially now)


Why You Need to Make Time to Be Alone…

When was the last time you were alone?

(Clarification: Alone, awake and not rushing to go DO something else?)

We all know that when you love someone, you make space in your life to spend quality time with them. Sooo…when was the last time YOU spent quality time with YOU?

It gets even harder at the holidays. There is a kind of push,
rush, and obligation in the air all too often.

Being by yourself is both a SKILL and a Necessity.

Alphas overgive. But Never to ourselves!

When you are alone, with no agenda to rush off to, you are spending quality time with yourself.  You may not remember how to do that. But I will tell you WHY to do it:

  1. It proves to you that you DO think you are important and worthwhile
  2. It demonstrates self-care and self-love to your children (especially your daughter!)
  3. It lowers your stress level which protects you from illness
  4. It will feel indulgent and yeah – that is the point!
  5. What you give to YOU, others give to YOU

#5 is spiritual law. If you are frustrated and hurt that people aren’t making time for you, ask yourself if YOU are making time for you?

You can NEVER receive from others what you

Here’s the good news – it doesn’t have to be a whole day. 
Literally, 15-20 mins will help you IF you make it intentional. If you decide that 2:40-3pm is your time and close your door and just sit with you, that works.

You don’t have to “do something”
. You can just sit. You can pray, meditate, let your mind drift or ask yourself a question you’ve been stuck on and give that solution ALL THAT SPACE to arrive.

If you WANT to do something, make sure it is something just for YOU. No work ‘work’ allowed. Cat videos on YouTube, a
chapter from a romance novel (I have a good reference, just ask!), cleaning out your car.

There’s a little dashboard inside of you and it NOTICES how much you give your children, your mate, your business, your family and your Facebook. And it knows how much you are giving you. When those get too far out of whack and stay off balance long enough, often you get sick.

Sickness FORCES you to give to YOU.

This Holiday season, I challenge you to create 30-45 mins alone
, intentionally, before whatever counts as your “big day.” Give yourself a luxury that doesn’t come out of a box: demonstrated love. 

Hit reply
 and let me know what you will do you in your alone time!

I am at a place where I can tell my friends and family that I decline an invite to be alone. I didn’t use to be able to do that! I felt like I needed a “better” reason. Now, my happiness IS a good reason!

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