[Holidays] Deck with Halls with Anxiety & Blues! (One Cure Inside)

Deck the Halls with Anxiety & Blues!! (One Cure Inside)

Yep. Holidays. As a divorce 
lawyer, I used to marvel at how many people pretend to LIKE the holidays and won’t admit it stresses them out.

 take quick inventory – Count how many of these you associate the Holidays with:

  1. Having to see people you don’t like but can’t leave
  2. Having to clean your house when you don’t have time
  3. Having to cook. A LOT. A WHOLE LOT.
  4. Having to spend money you may not have on gifts, parties and frippery
  5. Having to see your scale inch up
  6. Having to act happy when you may not be
  7. Having to feel guilty at your “first world” problems
  8. Having to go through another __________ this year
  9. Having to travel, buy everything, wrap everything, bring everything and serve everyone
  10. Having to endure the over-commercialization of the holidays

Alphas HATE not having CHOICE and all 10 of those things appear to take away our CHOICE.


Means you read this in the toilet, in between phone calls or can’t count.

 Common! Don’t beat yourself up.

 Did you need me to tell you this is not good?

 You need a Holiday intervention because you feel trapped in too many ways and have so many associations that hurt, that it’s hard for you to enjoy the moments that DO work.

I have personally gone from an 8 (did NOT like the holidays back then, in my Superwoman days) to a 1. (#10. Just because you stick red glitter on “it” does NOT mean I’m going to buy it.)

Here is ONE CURE

Decide what ONE thing that you WANT to have 
happened this holiday that would light you up and…PROTECT IT.

Do not permit yourself to LOSE that one thing. Tell your husband and children what it is and ask them for THEIR ONE THING. Everyone agrees to protect each person’s ONE THING. (Where you can, the more your ONE THING doesn’t require others the better!)

You would 
be shocked at how being able to rely upon, 100%, on a single piece of coming joy can change things for you.

So, if you freakin’ NEED Christmas Eve church service 
or the kids to sleep in
till at least 7 am or to NOT do the damn dishes after the family gathering – then make that the ONE THING and protect it.

Ask for what you need Alpha (the ONE THING).

If the ONE THING you really need is me in your life, kicking your butt with love and making the crooked places straight –
 ASK FOR IT.  (Don’t assume you can’t afford it!)

2018 can be different. Can be easier with family, safer with money, healthier with your body and more connected to your Source. ASK.

Get your ONE THING and protect it. The rest? Let it go.


 Don’t fall into the Holiday extremes! You don’t have to be a Ba Humbug complainer who feels beat up the WHOLE TIME but be careful you aren’t PollyAnna-ing your way through the season either!

If you tell your truth you can enjoy when you ARE happy and own when things are harder and ask for help. Don’t pretend the whole season is “perfect”. Just get your ONE THING.

I think all Alphas need a life-sized Alpha Coach for 2018! Hit reply & tell me the #1 thing you’d get help with next year if you had me…


I Show
 Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your 
Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.




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