[Sabotage] NEVER Start at the Beginning

NEVER Start at the Beginning…

Seriously. Why not? Because starting at the beginning is about

I get it. You want to: 
  • Start where you feel you are supposed to
  • Start where everyone expects you to and
  • Start where it’s easiest.

Starting Where You feel You Are Supposed To and Where Others EXPECT You too are the SAME.

This is you looking for approval. Approval is a fancy word for love. Alphas fear losing love, so we make sure we turn in a good performance because an “A” grade means we are good enough and lovable. 

This is also you looking for “insurance”. If I do it “right”, it has to work. Tell me how to do it “RIGHT,” you say. Tell me exactly where I should BEGIN.

Here’s the funny part. We have been trained that beginning at the “beginning” is easiest.




It’s actually HARDER because of all the mental gymnastics you have to do to try to IDENTIFY the beginning and convince yourself it’s the right starting spot. All that costs time, money and energy. And it opens the door to doubt, delay and distraction.

Where should you begin? I recommend the middle. Meaning, just begin.

As soon as you begin, you will easily see how to course correct yourself back to the best place to start.


Let’s say you want to become a motivational speaker. Where in the world do you begin?
 See how daunting than this? If you start in the middle, you might just grab a course and start trying to book a speech. During that process, you might discover that you are a wiz at outlining your talk and even delivering it but are absolutely AWFUL trying to “sell” yourself on the phone to get booked.

That gives you clear information on a “new”, more useful starting place.

If you just begin, the Universe can course correct you faster and far easier than while you are still in your head, trying to get all of your ducks in a row.

I’ve talked about this before as perfect timing.

Do not attempt to begin at the beginning.

Ever talk to a girlfriend who is sobbing with a broken heart? Do you MAKE her start at the beginning?
 NO. You let her start the story wherever she CAN and you still get the whole story! Give yourself the same grace and kindness.

Start with the reality of where you are and begin WHEREVER you can, just begin.


  Soon I’ll be talking to you about Joining Alpha Group Coaching Class of 2018 that starts in February. I’ll tell you to start from where you are and just figure out how to get yourself IN. Just figure out how to BEGIN SOMEWHERE. Starting messy is what champions do. Starting perfect is what poor people do.


P.P.S. Whatever popped into your head while you were reading – THAT is what you must begin. Do it now. Do something towards it TODAY 🙂


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