[Goals] What’s A Non-Negotiable Requirement for 100% Success?

What’s A Non-Negotiable Requirement for 100% Success?

What MUST you do if you want to ensure your goal has 100% chance of succeeding?

(And YES! This is a trick question.)

 Start from wherever you actually ARE, at this moment.

You would be surprised at how often everybody wants to start their project, dream, goal, improvement or whatever from the place they are NOT currently at. 

People will decide they’re going to “start changing their lifestyle” once they lose the first few pounds.

People tell me they’re going to start coaching with me as soon as their marriage situation calms down, the kids are stable at school and they’ve saved up some money.

That is the same stuff I help you DO inside of coaching! How are you going to do ALL that without the coaching?!?

So many of you have a persona that you are presenting to the world that is not where you are. (I get it. I did it too.) It’s where you WANT to be. It causes problems.

It’s so common that there is actually a named syndrome for this in psychology – The Imposter Syndrome.

You are afraid that somebody will look at you closely and realize that you’re not all that you appear to be.
 So you keep holding up this cardboard cut-out of where you think you should be. Where your family says you should be. Where are your other friends might

And without realizing it, whenever you go to begin something new, you actually make your plans from that false place. You make plans based on courage, commitment and follow-through you don’t consistently HAVE YET.

You literally adopt this “better you” and PLAN FROM this “better you” and fear discovery that you aren’t there yet.

The Alphas that do really well in coaching with me are the ones who snot nose cry and finally admit that their life is falling the hell apart if it is. Those women have massive changes. We move her from where she IS.


Until you can admit the truth of where you are, you cannot receive guidance from your Coach or your Source to CHANGE it.

If you really want to be
successful in life and anything, you have to first be able to start from where you are truly at. THAT requires telling some painful truths to yourself and sometimes to others. 

 Be sure the ‘others’ that you’re talking to are qualified to receive that type of truth from you or they may hurt you worse. Hint: You can tell me!  


My three pillars of coaching are:

Massive truth              -> Massive action   -> Massive transformation

Start from where you are AT and tell the truth. It may not be pretty right now but it WILL be pretty in the end when we get you what you really want. 

Truth is where all sustainable success begins.


  If you don’t uncover the truth that you are avoiding, it will surface in the middle of your plan and ruin things. Best to tackle it now. Ask me how to start from right where you are now.


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