[Laughing] Happy Friday! (Your laugh enclosed)

Happy Friday – 3 Things to Make You Laugh

We can all use a good laugh. Seriously, why do you think YouTube’s cat videos are so freakin’ popular?!

Our big
ol’ Alphas brains carry heavy loads all day (and for many of you, all night!)

I’m your coach and in charge of helping you get what you want, so today – it’s laughing.

Laughing releases biochemicals that are GOOD for you. That actually HEAL YOU.

This is a famous story of a man who used laughter to cure himself of cancer.

So below I am including 3 excuses to laugh AND please send me links to yours! I want to have a go-to library of things I can look at that have nothing to do with politics, hatred, race, money or fear. We’ve got squirrels, babies & dogs for
low key, no stress fun! 

Let me know if you laugh or smile hard (that counts)!

Funny Babies
 (1:41) 34 Million Views

Squirrel Hiding Nuts in a DOG (0:40) 12 Million Views

Funny Dogs (6:00) 14.6 Million Views


Just LOOKING for these 3 was awesome! The ones that DIDN’T make the cut still have me smiling.

I’m going to do my Facebook Live this morning from Dallas – we’ll see what I can get into that makes us LAUGH!

Keep your eyes open, the Alpha’s ToolKit for 2018 Class – The Things You MUST Know for Love & Money is coming NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT November 3rd – 8 pm EST (that let’s our West Coast Alphas make it)

I Show
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Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.




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