[Purpose] Why Aren’t You Using Your Super Power

Why Aren’t You Using Your Super Power?!?


Old Me? Nope. Guilty as charged. Just had this discussion with 4 different Alphas.

There is something that you were born to do Alpha.

You were given a special gift that enables you to do your “thing” way better than anyone else – THAT is your SuperPower.

Problem? Alphas are accustomed to struggle.
We like it, we RESPECT it and we EXPECT it. We fight our struggle to gain control, which feels good.

But what happens when there IS no struggle? No fight? Uh-oh.

You tend to disrespect and ABANDON your SuperPower because it feels too easy and not “important” enough. You want to go chase the shiny, red candy-like thing over there that’s harder.

I was a practicing Divorce Lawyer for around 15 years. I was good. REALLY good. During my divorce cases I…coached! I took lives and businesses apart and then put them back together. I moved blocks – legal ones, financial ones, emotional and spiritual ones. That was my SuperPower but it was part of the “package” of my law practice, which I began to hate. (Never occurred to me to separate out what I loved!)

I did with most Alphas do – I threw the baby out with the bathwater!

I stopped doing my SuperPower because I associated my SuperPower with the practice of law, which I’d begun to hate.
Many Alphas experience your super power for the first time inside a job or career path that’s not right for you.

We then throw away our SuperPower when we throw away the job or “package” it’s attached to.

Here’s a radical thought for you – God is not wasteful.

Meaning, if God gave you a SuperPower, it is because you are supposed to use it! It is a big, fat giant hint as to what you’re supposed to be doing. And when you use your SuperPower in whatever you’re doing, you WILL get more help and more assistance and your life will work easier.

Find your SuperPower.

Use your SuperPower in your work.

I now realize that my SuperPower of spotting patterns, removing blocks and seeing the truth has been consistent my whole life (in engineering, law & now coaching).

It just took me awhile to figure out how to package it for my work and my livelihood (by “awhile” I mean 20 years!)

Want to know what your SuperPower is NOW? Want to know how to use your SuperPower to make money? Ask me, I’ll show you Alpha. 



​P.S. The Alpha Mate that found me is amazing so far! First date Saturday 🙂 I’m excited to learn his SuperPower. He has a clear gift at spotting opportunities others don’t see and acting on them – he’s using that skill to see immediately in me what others can’t see! (Fun Fact: Alpha Males are as impatient as us!)




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