[Fun Friday] How to Get More (Good) Surprises!

I just tried this affirmation out in my Think and Grow Rich Millionaire Mastermind. 

I was so proud of all the demonstrations and manifestations it brought right in! An overdue check, a long lost friend, work support and money making ideas to name a few!

It’s my new favorite. Ready?




Why it works: 


1) It makes no attempt to control anything -> no fear

2) Your ego cannot attack a “surprise” because it doesn’t know what it IS yet

3) You feel ZERO resistance to the statement because you are NOT trying to be 100% certain

4) You feel excitement saying it and thinking it -> positive expectations

Zero resistance + Happy Expectation = Easy Manifestations

There’s only two ways to mess this up-the first is by trying to make the statement MORE concrete, solid and locked in. Lots of folks want to take this statement and change the word “bet” to “know” – don’t do it! 

Your ego is just playing off of your vanity that you feel you should be able to use the word KNOW instead of the word bet, because you’re special and have magic certainty powers!

98% of you should let it stay loose. 

The other way to mess it up? Try to direct where the happy surprise should show up.

Here is my belief, distilled from my favorite teacher Florence Scovel Shinn:

You can have anything you want, if you let God deliver it however He wants.




I dare you to say it right now three times in a row. Notice that you just feel better. Feel a little excited? Good. That emotion is what powers the affirmation.  

Every time you think of it, repeat it and then hit reply and let me know what shows up for you! 


P.S. If you are analytical, you can aim for 50 repetitions today. I had great success with over a hundred and I was HAPPY to say it more, because I got a little jolt of pre- Christmas morning excitement every time I said it. I was saying it for the instantaneous good feeling and NOT for the outcome. The outcome was just gravy! 



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