[Goals] Goals are WORTHLESS If You Can’t Stop SETTLING + A Surprise!

Goals are WORTHLESS if You Can’t Stop SETTLING…

Your REAL goals are set by your heart and BLOCKED by your mind!

Problem #1 Your mind (ego) is currently set up to only approve decisions that protect against loss (i.e. trying to guarantee your comfort). The mind’s motive is lack focused, fear based and collapses options and accordingly, must fail.

Problem #2Minimizing chance of risk is incompatible with maximizing chances for success. The safer you try to make something the more opportunity you must remove, because remember, the opportunity to succeed and the opportunity to fail are two sides of the same coin and cannot be separated.

You cannot seek to both succeed and NOT fail, because your focus is in fact on FAILING.

Problem #3Your mind operates off of templates and patterns previously experienced and believed in. This means the mind cannot and will not happily steer you to new things because there is NO template for the new thing! So, if the fabulous good you seek is brand-new to your life, your brain is your absolute worst resource to reach it.


$64,000 Question: If you are expecting your good to arrive looking a certain way and something else arrives looking differently, is it SETTLING to accept something different than you wanted?

Answer: If your mind makes the decision, YES it is settling. There is noway to reach that decision using your mind that does not involve the three problems above.

If your heart makes the decision, NO, it is recognition.

Your heart can look at a situation that does not have all of your preferences in place and see beyond that to KNOW that THIS is what you really desire.

When you are in your mind, it wants to “lower the bar” or “shift your preferences” out of FEAR that you CANNOT have what you really want. The mind is afraid you will GO WITHOUT if you don’t give in and make your criteria easier.

There are many stories of people finding love in a person who was very different from what they were looking for.

If your heart says YES, then you are all good. If you mind says, YES, that’s not so good.

Do not let your mind make that judgment call! I did that once. Outcome? Divorce.



I train Alphas by their HEARTS. Your mind will tell you all KINDS of silliness to keep you away from your good. Whether you listen is up to you. Do you want Bold & New or Tried & True?

Can you FEEL right now, how deeply committed I am to helping you stop struggling and begin your success THIS YEAR?


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My Heart wants to TEACH this, so I said YES.
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P.S. Settling because you think you can’t? Because you believe someone won’t? Because it’s easier and safer and more comfortable? STOP IT. Want what you WANT and let me help you get THAT. Get on the Surprise Coaching call for: Struggle, Settling & Surrender: The Secret 3 S’s of Success – TOMORROW – Saturday at 1 pm EST. Are you coming?



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