[Mindset] Why You Should STOP Thinking About Your Mindset…

Why You Should STOP Thinking About Your Mindset…


Stop reading about it, it’s time to APPLY.

Last week I introduced the concept of being “Purse Ready”. Part of being Purse Ready is your MINDSET.


Are you aligned and flowing with what you want or struggling and pushing against it? Are you EXCITED about your life or beating yourself up? Do you keep having to say “next time” to awesome opportunities because you don’t have the: time, money, focus or confidence?

Because I was Purse Ready when my friend Jennifer Lake called and asked me to join her summit, I said yes 5 mins later.  Sooo glad I did!

I introduced a set of new teachings in HER summit, The Miracle Mindset Remedy. (I covered some seriously good stuff!). 

Miracle Mindset Remedy: Practical Tools to Actualize Your Greatest Wellbeing.

I like that she dug up around 20 smart folks from a bunch of areas: yoga, psychotherapy, shadow work experts, business acceleration coaches and others to share their goodies on manifesting, living your greatest joy (Hell Yes!), well-being and fulfillment. 

Get in here – no charge – click on her banner below:



The series will help you learn:

  • How our brains are wired
  • Where the center of all creation lies
  • How to be a power house co-creator 
  • The biggest secret to manifesting (I’m just gonna ask her to just TELL ME THIS ONE!)
  • How to identify and heal from core wounds that are holding you back
  • 4 Elements of happiness
  • Why what you look for is what you will find (Expectations. Told ya!)


Hop in! (Did anyone get that??)

I love you, so don’t go crazy. Pick out 3-5 interviews that “pull you” and watch those. Don’t try to do them all and feel pressured. Trust your instincts on what you need. (And tell me if there’s a really good one!)


P.S. I had so much fun on the interview that I am now thinking I will do an Alpha’s Summit this year!  My interview airs on 4/12, next Wednesday.  Join and look for 1 nugget that helps you in whichever interviews you make time to see. Sometimes, you are only one little mindset shift away from your momentum! Miracle Mindset Remedy



​​​​I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.




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