[Success] Are You “Purse Ready”?

Are You “Purse Ready”?


I was talking to an alpha yesterday-and suddenly I realized I had the perfect two words to describe what I want for you and your life: Purse Ready.

You: Ok, what the heck is Purse Ready?

If you are Purse Ready, when the opportunity arrives, you can just grab your purse and go!

Alpha Gi & I were talking about working on her soulmate. Being able to attract in the Alpha mate that she DESERVES.

My approach to success differs from other coaches – we begin our coaching not focused on your goal. That is the wrong place to start!

We begin our coaching focused on the truth of where you are, which will reveal… drum roll please… Your blocks! Your brakes! Your gaps in self-love!

THAT is where we work! 

One of the biggest reasons I’ve spotted why Alphas DON’T yet have your goals and dreams and desires is that you are completely focused on your goals and dreams and desires.

Everybody is teaching you that you should be focused on your goal and dream and desire. WRONG! 

Starting there & staying there is absolutely against spiritual law! It has you focused on the OUTCOME – which is actually not within your control! Focusing on outcomes usually generates fear! (Law of Detachment)

Right way? Decide what you want, get into motion and then you focus on the process. Focus on the next step. Focus on making space for what it is you want. Focus on being aligned with and Purse Ready for your dream to begin.

I teach Alphas how to become “Purse Ready”.




When the right Alpha mate finds my new Alpha, she will be Purse Ready.

Meaning? She won’t have to STOP and lose weight.  

She won’t have to WAIT to rearrange her business to make space for him.

She won’t feel PANIC pushing her to catch up to an emotionally healthy man to receive his love. 

We’ll do all that stuff NOW! Let’s Go! 

The last thing you do before you head out the door to a date you’re excited for is… Grab Your Purse!

 We start your success by looking at what’s blocking the arrival of your dream.

We don’t focus on the man, the money, the ginormous God sent vision you aren’t yet ready for. 

We focus on what we can control, improve and get rock-solid on. We focus on getting you Purse Ready by removing everything that’s in your way of your good.   


Are you willing to be purse ready?

I will be taking a group of Alphas into Purse Readiness on their one big goal over the next nine months. 


Some Goals we have so far:

  • Quitting her abusive job with 3 hour commute (those idiots are actually Yelling at MY Alpha – Hell No!)
  • Shifting Focus from Adult Son to Getting Mom Purse Ready for her First Book
  • Creating a Different Gear – A feminine, self-loving gear so Alpha Mates can begin appearing 
  • Restoring an Alpha to Her Full Power After Years of Hiding
  • Yours Goes HERE


Add YOUR goal and get Purse Ready for it. Get in now.


P.S. When you are Purse Ready you can say YES to opportunities others can’t! I’ll be in The Miracle Mindset Remedy Interview Series because I was able to say YES 5 mins after I was asked. It’ll be lovely and fun and a surprise treat for you guys. Watch for the link next Wednesday!

I’m having such a good time meeting new Alphas I’ve never even spoken to before! I’ve got you. And I love you already. Your goal is now MY GOAL. Want to be one of My Alphas? Check us out here. 



​​​​I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.




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