[It’s Here] Two 85 years Olds Made Me Do This…


[It’s Here] Two 85 years Olds Made Me Do This…



It took me awhile but I am finally ready to do it.


You’ve inspired me. I see that you can follow guidance and that you are so totally frustrated with your life NOT changing.  So completely done with setting a goal and something getting in the way.


I am in love with your desire and WILLINGNESS to change.


It’s not the money you want, honey. It’s the freedom. It’s the ability to leave the “placeholder” job that is paying the bills but you drag your feet there every day, week after week.


It’s the freedom to decide your sleep schedule, your work schedule and your travel schedule. Or let me re-phrase, it’s HAVING a travel schedule that you can decide.


I’ve been on 3 oceans in 3 months – off all 3 coasts of the continental U.S. I work from my laptop and my phone.  I’ve found a wealth in my life right now that still surprises me some mornings when I wake up at 9:30. My life is possible for you and your family.


So what could I do to help you get there? I’ve found a way to coach you in Alpha Group Coaching that you can afford. What’s triggered this right now? Why am I putting so much into it?




In the last 3 weeks, I’ve just met two ladies turning 86. One is a nearby neighbor. Sometimes I see her outside on her walker. It is so painfully slow for her to just get to her mailbox.  I came over and met her. She lives alone and gets her food 3 days a week from Meals On Wheels (a food charity for seniors).


I can’t tell you how grateful I felt for my body and being half her age as I walked away. “I still have time…” I thought.


Contrast that with just a week before, when  I met my new friend, J. She is an ALPHA. She is a dynamo. Healthy and bright and funny and amazing.


She’s a multi-millionaire and still learning and growing. And… she is alone, having never married and had no children. No family. Success without love.


Why? Because she had the SAME problems current Alphas have, struggles with men. And she gave up.


THAT did it. I am now TOTALLY determined to have love in my life, along with freedom and money to serve my needs now. I am TOTALLY clear on how much more aggressively I need to take care of my health NOW (I do NOT want to be on a walker.) 


I can look at my friends who are 15 years older and I want them HEALTHIER! I want them here LONGER. I can see them approaching their health more casually as they age and it frightens me.


As you age, are you MORE accepting of the extra weight? The tight budget? The roommate marriage? The knowing what to do but NOT doing it? 


I have to find a way to reach MORE Alphas NOW. What you do NOW will determine what you do and do not regret when you are in your 80’s (or if you even GET THERE).


We don’t have time for you to figure this out next year or after the kids leave school or when you magically have that “other income” to make it easier.



Now. Sweetheart, you have to go now.


I created Alpha Group coaching for you. You belong in a small group of Alphas that may not know “how” to hit the reset button on their life but they know when – NOW. I will guide and protect you.  


I’m doing my best to bring what I have learned about us as Alphas to as many as I can reach.


What does a group give you? Puts you together with other Alpha Women who are still in some part of their struggle and you all learn to stop struggling

TOGETHER. There is great power in community. Hell, Alphas need to learn how to — USE a community of women well. Women you can truly trust.


I want you to tackle this crazy stuckness in your business.  It IS you and we can change that stuck to momentum if you are ready. If you want it. If you’ll sacrifice right freakin’ now for it.


I want you to deal with your home life because you can’t thrive with your relationships out of whack. That struggle shows up everywhere. That struggle energy is being woven throughout your WHOLE life to make you deal with it.


What if you respected your mate, he cherished you and supported your business? What could you do THEN? What if you loved your body and set a healthy example for your kids?


What if you knew what to do to grow your business and you…ACTUALLY DID THAT?


And after experiencing the tale of two 85 year olds, we are going to add in some health accountability. If you aren’t sleeping, not eating healthy foods, carrying extra weight you’re “gonna deal with someday” – how can you sell whatever you are selling?? People buy from happy healthy people.


People are only ever buying YOU. If you are still stuck, still struggling and feeling like a fraud when you compare what you SAY and KNOW to what you DO and EARN, then come with me love.


It’s time honey. Come on over. Hit reply and say “More” and we’ll get you more info and let you know if & how you fit the group I’m building.


This group will specifically focus on MAKING MONEY WITH LESS STRUGGLE.



Yes, you can afford it. It’s half the price of my private coaching and gives you 3 hours of coaching a month, plus enough private time to tackle your most sensitive issue with me 1 on 1.


We start soon. You have no time on this. I don’t want a huge group because I really show up for my Alphas and I’m not going to stretch myself too thin.


You want freedom. You want to wake up happier. You want money to flow in your business. You want to feel better about the man in your bed at night. You want to NOT avoid your naked self in the mirror.


Then you want Alpha Group Coaching.


9 months and I’ll change your life and your satisfaction is guaranteed. (Yep, no money at risk with me.)



I love you and I’m waiting to answer your questions.


Hit reply, take a deep breath and type “More” and I’ll show you how to get where you are going.


We’ll all go together














P.S. Alpha Group Coaching is Now Enrolling. A small group of Alphas will have my time, my brain and my heart. What can’t a group of motivated Alphas achieve by the end of the year? Bring your big goal baby.  I’m here. The price is right (50% less than private) and the time is NOW. (Space is limited.) You coming?



​​​​​​​I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Resurrect Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE It ALL.




Tanya Stewart
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