[Stop Waiting] The Parable of The Banana Bread

The Parable of The Banana Bread…


Deep philosophy (as in truth) can be found in any every day situation…even making banana bread.


There are two ways to make banana bread as far as I know – intentionally or accidentally (in reaction to circumstances).


Banana bread came about because housewives of old didn’t throw food away. So when bananas started to go bad (getting soft, mushy and very sugary as the peel turns black) they found a use for them…and thus banana bread was born!


My good friend, Ruth aka The Profitability Master, (what? It’s a perfectly apt description for a financial wizard plus I helped name her that!) recently baked me some banana bread.


I had to beg a bit because Ruth is from the school of “…you don’t ruin perfectly good bananas to make banana bread.” Apparently some suicidal bananas have to accidentally slip your notice and descend into spotted mushiness and THEN you bake to prevent their total loss!


Me? You can guess where this is going… I’m a wake up and want banana bread soon, so “let’s go accelerate some bananas to the edge of manky as fast as possible” person.


How to Mankify Bananas: Tie the victim bananas up in a plastic grocery bag so gasses are trapped and leave it somewhere warm – glare at it periodically while checking your watch.

I don’t want you to wait and hope for right conditions. Don’t trust to lucky timing to get your “banana bread!” Go out and CREATE the conditions you need. DELAY IS YOUR ENEMY ALPHA!


Get into motion to get what you want now! If an opportunity comes up and you want it, figure it out.


Figure out how to get what you need in order to act now.
Hint: Timing is NEVER perfect.


Because Ruth loves me (and I asked!) she sentenced 3 healthy bananas to certain doom yielding this beauty:


Here we can see the loaf on Day 5.

I foolishly thought I’d need to

FREEZE it. Ha!

It is pictured with 2 condemned bananas

let out of their bag for this photo shoot.

Want what you want and if you want it now, figure it out.





I have an opportunity coming next week that maybe 3 or 4 of you are going to REALLY want. You might need to apply the Parable of Banana Bread and refuse to wait for an ‘accidental timing’ to deliver the goodness that you want NOW.




Curious? 🙂





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