[Corrected Link] Voicemail #6 + Bonus Lesson

Corrected Link to Voicemail #6



I use EVERYTHING to teach you! 


I screwed up the link. I’d have done it on purpose had I thought about it…Why? It gave an awesome lesson!

Which Group Did You Fall Into?



A) Hadn’t acted on today’s voicemail, so you didn’t even know the link was wrong


B) Clicked it, saw it was the wrong one and immediately moved on


C) Clicked, saw it was wrong, told me about it


D) Clicked, saw it was wrong, played around for 20 seconds and discovered that if you clicked “Fearless Focus Coaching” it opened the LIBRARY of ALL the Voicemails – got to hear today’s voicemail


If you are one of the 3 people who did D, please write me and let me know. I want to give you something to reward that excellent behavior!


Quick Lesson:



An Opportunity pops up in your life.



(A) folks aren’t paying attention or making room to take action so they MISS IT.



(B) folks spotted the opportunity, but gave up at the first obstacle/difficultly



(C) folks saw it, acted, hit a snag and reported it. I have 2 handfuls of you. Thing to notice? No one said they’d already figured out how to find it OR asked me to SEND it to them. So you alerted me (thank you) and THEN stopped. You were 90% home when you stopped! Where else do you do this?



(D) If you saw the error and put in the effort to fix it yourself so you got what you wanted, when YOU wanted it – bravo! Way to go through the obstacle!



In life, people WILL screw up. Technology WILL fail. Accidents WILL happen. Learn to keep going AROUND other people’s screw ups to get YOUR GOOD Alphas!



Below is the link to my Audio account where all the Voicemails will live. You can catch up on any you’ve missed. You can always click on my “name” Fearless Focus Coaching in the top left corner to reach this page. 


Voicemail #6 & Library of Voicemails




This was a very useful lesson! 






P.S. How you do Little things is how you do BIG THINGS :


​​​​​​​I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Resurrect Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE It ALL.


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