[A Moment of Grace…] Peacefulness

A Moment of Grace



I woke up feeling connected and loved.


Unanxious. Unhurried. From this place these words flowed…





A Moment of Grace

If in the light, I see clearly 
a moment of grace

Birds, wild and beautiful going about their day
that I have blessed 
The invisible hand behind the feeder
The heart inside their seeds

A line of sanctuary on my land
welcoming their song and feathers

Fur and claws…their future They let me into their world while I remain safely on my front porch






To be as God is, we do as God does
Love without requirement
Protect without payment
Provide without obligation




In my giving, I receive 
a moment of grace.





Out of love, I helped three coaches yesterday. In Denmark, Colorado and Israel. It took unscheduled time. Time your head would tell you that you don’t have to spare.

I have grown generous with my help. The more generous I become, the more I have. I can look back and see how afraid I used to be to “give away” what was most valuable to me.


Alphas. Do not seek to “accomplish” something to make you happy (or make you money).


Seek to be happy now and you can accomplish almost anything (and money flows TO you, rather than you chasing it). This is the reverse of what our world teaches us. The world has this (and many other things) wrong.


This year I will demonstrate that by keeping my happiness first, all other good things shall be added unto me.


I will demonstrate that money and time and opportunities flow to a happy person sooner and stay longer. I know how to build an empire based on struggle. Did it. Didn’t like it. Gave it up.


I do not miss my $550K house I was unhappy in.
It’s taken me years to let go enough to follow my heart and trust where it’s leading me.





Can you do this too? Yes, but not yet. I can show you the path I took if you like.




It is the path of an Alpha leaving struggle behind her. If you want that, need that, won’t go to sleep again without that – you find me. It is my happiness to lead you out of struggle.



I want you to wake up and find yourself starting your day feeding birds. Taking time to listen to their songs of joy and appreciation.



Being moved to write a poem out of love and flowing into your day with your heart full and open and unafraid. And watching miracles happening around you as the natural order of the life you’ve created.


That is what I so want for you.

Can you let yourself want this too?




P.S. If you read The Power of Uncertainty Wednesday, you know I went to the luxury gym. Here’s your update: It was the right choice. I did a boxing and Hatha Yoga class back to back. I did almost faint during the boxing class!

I went all in and pushed myself hard in a too hot room but even that felt good. It felt good to go right to the edge of my limits and HOLD. Noodle arms and all, I made it through yoga next with one too many downward facing dogs.


And yes, in one pose I came up to discover I was facing the rest of the class alone – because I was facing the WRONG way. Damn Warrior 2! (Hello hot man behind me, I am skilled at yoga – NOT!).


Proud of me. The whirlpool, sauna, steamroom combo plus great Arbonne conditioner in my hair made it all up to me! Headed back Friday!


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