[Tool] Want My Favorite 2 Coaching Words?


Want My Favorite 2 Coaching Words?

I’m going to share a tool so simple you WILL laugh out loud. Ready?

2 powerful coaching words. Stop it.


At what point did you START accepting that your mind could make choices that YOU could not countermand, override, or say no to?


I listen to people tell me a story about some painful, fear based thing they’re doing and I cannot help but interrupt (I’ve said this to 4 different people this week alone) and say… Stop it.  And I can feel them staring at me (through the phone) like a crazy person.


Please take a moment to consider, when did the idea of being unable to completely control YOUR OWN BEHAVIOR become normal and acceptable to you?


Oddly enough, we tell children to “stop it” all the time and fully expect them to be able to do so.

Kids running through the house? Stop it. Kids fidgeting in the car? Stop it. We’ll even tell children who are crying about something…Stop it. Children get told to “stop it” so much that believe they can, so, they CAN.

Somewhere in grade school that expectation fades. And it’s long gone by high school!


Because EVERYBODY tells me, I can’t look at myself and tell myself to just “stop” doing something…and then stop.


This is about your expectations (read more about expectations here). You aren’t expecting to be able to control yourself, you are only “hoping” that you can.  You’re thinking right now, fudge, when I tell myself to stop, I don’t really listen to me. (That’s not okay.)


Your mind is working much like a dog that knows you will call it seven times, so it doesn’t even think of obeying and coming that first time!


You have created the bad habit of expecting to be unable to stop yourself from doing something harmful.
It is just a habit. You can break it.  How? Start small. DO not start with your hardest thing. In fact, I recommend cheating. Pick something you can control yourself on and use your Stop It.
So, if you aren’t addicted to chips, next time you have them, just announce Stop It, get up and put them away. Practice.

You can build a new habit by doing the skill you need in easier areas and later transferring it.


You should be able to consciously decide to stop doing something and stop doing it.


Whenever you can’t, the issue is patterned or programmed into your subconscious and is overriding you.


That program can always be overwritten when you know how.


If you are done feeling crazy because you can’t “Stop It”, let me know. I can help. I can show you how to STOP IT.



P.S.  Did you see my new Magazine? It came out Wednesday. Fearless Focus Inbox Magazine. It will be a DEEP DIVE into a single topic. It will be best read on a computer or tablet. If you need to read it on your phone, turn it sideways. And it won’t be short.




I am really teaching you and changing your life takes time and investment. If you will invest the time each Wednesday, I’ll keep investing the energy. Write me and suggest a topic, I might just solve something for you!

Tanya Stewart
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