[Manifesting] Clutter Blocks Your NEW Stuff!

Keyboard Clutter

Clutter Blocks Your New STUFF!

Everything has energy. Yes, yes. We know. Well give that a moments more thought.

If EVERYTHING has energy and is energy, what energy are you surrounding yourself with?

My family struggled and kept…well…everything. I came from lack and “not enough”.

The energy of physical clutter is stagnant, old, “not enough”, make do and shame. (Did you know there are 4 DIFFERENT kinds of clutter?)

What surrounds you is what SUPPORTS you. And when you get weak, THAT is the energy that guides you.

Storage Clutter Brought Home

Here’s all the clutter from my storage I kept and moved from house to house for over 10 years! I JUST CLEARED IT!  

When I tackle a big lesson and feel myself “go up” a spiritual notch. Do you know what I notice? I notice that my home begins to feel too dense, too heavy. Literally, I am lighter and I need to make IT lighter.

If you are trying to bring money, love, abundance and life INTO your life you MUST to get old, stuck in the past energy OUT of your life.

I’ve tried many ways to do that. I highly recommend Marie Kondo’s Book- The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It really changed my life.

I also recommend shopping through different tools to find one that works for you. It’s NOT one size fits all.

In my Self-Love Summit, I interview expert Maria Gracia from GetOrganizedNow.
Treasure Chest - Multiple Organizing Gifts Free

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 She gave me her BADASS Clutter Busting Treasure Chest Gift Above to share! (She also taught me about the FOUR different kinds of clutter – huge!)

Get your FREE Clutter Killing Treasure Chest Gift Here from me!

And send it to your friends that have clutter issues too 🙂

Whatever you do – decide and do something. That clutter energy IS manifesting in your life more of what you already DON’T want.

Grab the gift and then tell me below what shows up for you!

Tanya Stewart
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