[Time Strategy] How to P.U.S.H. & Get BIG Things Done Fast!

[Time Strategy] How to P.U.S.H. & Get BIG Things Done Fast!

How to P.U.S.H. & Get BIG Things Done Fast

Want to know how I get crazy amounts of work done without rushing?

You asked. I answered. Lots of you wrote me and asked me to share how I P.U.S.H.Thank you!

Last week I wrote about how Speed Doesn’t Kill but Rushing Does.  I told you I created a way to get big things done that WORKS.  I’m using it to build our next Self-Love Summit, a BIG thing! Here we go:

P.U.S.H. ©2016

Plan the little things

Understand the WHY

Share the Goal

Hear Your Intuition

Materials you need:

Colored Index Cards

Some big thing to tackle that you need done but are resisting

Only Decision to make:

Your Time Frame to Get “It” Done

The majority of your work will be in the PLAN section and all of that is supported by the Understand, Share and Hear elements.

Those of you that wrote me and asked for P.L.A.N. I will individually email you the expanded version with more detail and stories on Saturday PLUS I am including a special surprise JUST for you! I needed more space to explain detail on Understanding the WHY. There are also two important (& freaky cool) Intuition examples that I really wanted to share and I don’t want to try to squish them into this already long post. 🙂

If you want the expanded version of How to P.L.A.N. for yourself- just hit REPLY and say “Send me PUSH” and I’ll email you the full version too – just a gift.

Here are the basics!

Materials you need:

Colored Index Cards (makes tasks look separate & less overwhelming vs. all white)

Some big thing to tackle that you need done but are avoiding

Decision to make:

Your Time Frame to Get “It” Done

The majority of your work will be in the PLAN section below and all of that is supported by the Understand, Share and Hear elements.

My time frame when I began was only 8 days because I wanted to go out of town over Easter Weekend to Charleston, South Carolina! Which I did!

Plan the Little Things – It gives you FOCUS

I told you that I’m working on my building the next summit. It’s a HUGE undertaking. At this moment there will be more than 20 – maybe 23 experts from all over the world (Dubai, Belgium, Romania, California, USA, Ireland etc).  It’s a LOT to do. And missing any little thing can have big consequences.

If you let yourself keep staring at the SIZEof your task, you will either NEVER start or get stuck because you don’t have a clear path to the “next thing”.

#1 Write down every task that you can think of that you’ll need to do on a separate index card. 

Do not try to judge what is written down. Write the little. Write the big. Write the maybe.  You will notice that as ideas come to you and you write them down- you willthen think of 3 more things you need to do to complete the first card’s task.  That’s perfect! Just write those on their own 3 cards. For instance, I had a card that said “Send Thank You Note to X” but guess what? I need to buy the card and I need tofind the mailing address. Those get added to cards. Those are part of planning the little things.

Once you feel “done” gather all of your cards and sort them.  (Will you keep adding cards as you go for things you missed? ABSOLUTELY.  Do not worry about that now.  Just get into motion.)

#2 Sort the cards you have.  Dump all your cards on the floor and just start grouping them together using one or all of sorting rules you pick below.

Sorting Rules: Sort by 1) Similarity of Task 2) Order they Need to Be Done (A must be done before B etc) 3) Urgency of the Task (You promised to do X by tomorrow)

I use ALL three!

Example: I needed to locate experts for my summit BEFORE I could invite experts BEFORE I could schedule an introduction call BEFORE I could set up their interview to teach on the Summit.  I put those cards on the floor in order from left to right.

When I got to the inviting by email, I gathered all of cards that required “emailing” together so I did it in big blocks. Very mentally efficient.  No task switching.

Urgency:  You’ll see this when you are looking over your cards. Some are on fire now or shortly will be. I have several expert interviews I am still recording – those are now urgent. J

#3 Assign your groups or piles to a specific day.

I then divided up my groups to fill up each of my 8 days.  This is not rocket science or even terribly precise. But it works!

When you are done, you will have rows of colored cards set out for each of the days you’ve got ahead you. Here are some days on my kitchen table!



You just have just given yourself a Template, a PLAN of action and now you can P.U.S.H! No more “what do I do now/next?” guesswork.  PLUS you have a FINITE goal to work with instead of staring down a never ending task.

Each day you feel AMAZING when you’ve finished that day’s cards.

Give yourself a number score for how you did EVERY day on that day’s cards. Use a 1-10 scale where 10 is awesome. (You see I got 11’s and 12’s for days with really amazing effort). Write it somewhere BIG.


Here is another trick – I put a big check mark on each of the cards as I finish and pile ALL of those finished cards somewhere VERY visible (On my living room floor!)

Why? Seeing the DONE pile grow makes you feel fabulous. It gives you boost to keep going.  We are wired for visual input and seeing our success made physical energetically helps keep us focused.

Again, looking at your cards makes an endless project seemFINITE. You feel like you are in control.


Understand the WHY – Gets You MOTIVATED

Why are you going after this big thing in the first place? You’ve heard over and over that if you have a big enough WHY the how will take care of itself.  True!  Take a look at the homemade calendar I made for my P.U.S.H. It has my WHY written right on it.

The why for me creating the Self-Love Blueprint is literally my soul wants me to teach you guys Self-Love and I feel the pull to teach it to people all over the world.

Write your why EVERYWHERE.

Share the GOAL – Gets you SUPPORTED

Share what you are pushing for! I told my social media group what I was doing. How crazy it was to do in 8 days and that I intended to do it anyway!  Knowing that folks are expecting you to get it done helps pull you along.

This is the result of my push. The Self Love Blueprint is now ready for you!

I’ve found the teachers to show you How to Create From the Inside Out Vibrant Health & Visible Wealth

Join me for FREE – click below and of course you get a free gift from EVERY single expert (I’m persuasive!).

I’m sharing my goal and I hope you’ll support me by watching me and learning right along with me.

TheSelfLoveBlueprint – Create Your New Life from the Inside Out

Self Love Blueprint Banner

Hear Your Intuition – Get Your Guidance

Intuition is INDIRECT.  Do not argue with your intuition. While you are doing your daily cards you may get directed to switch cards or do things in a different order, be flexible and gentle with yourself.  While I was in my P.U.S.H. two amazing intuitions happened & changed my life.  Since I followed them I have literally been showered with abundance.  Hit reply and say “Send me PUSH” and I’ll email you the full plan.

P.S. Ask me for the FULL P.U.S.H. Plan – Hit reply and say “Send me PUSH.”

Glad you invested in yourself to read a long post 🙂

Jump into my next FREE Summit – TheSelfLoveBlueprint.Com

Tanya Stewart
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