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I’ve said I’d do this training on momentum for a while. And once I started, wouldn’t you know it? It flowed. I spotted some deeper connections and I am happy to share them with you.


Momentum is as necessary to _____(put anything amazing you want in this blank)_____ AS water is to grow plants.

You aren’t growing anything without water and you aren’t creating anything amazing without momentum. Let’s look at our unsung hero and remind ourselves how to “hack” momentum.





Anthony Robbins – Author, Philanthropist and top Life & Business Strategist. His products have coached 50 million people from 100 countries. 4 million people have attended his live seminars.


“People who succeed have momentum.The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed. Similarly, when someone is failing the tendency is to get on a downward spiral that can even become a self-fulfilling prophecy.”





















I’m driving and dictating (what? You drive and talk on the phone…) And getting clear on what I want to teach you on the powerful subject of momentum.


Newton’s First Law of Motion States (paraphrase):


An object at rest or in motion remains in that state unless acted upon by another force.


What you need to know: A woman failing or a woman succeeding will KEEP on doing just that until she encounters a force sufficient to alter her course.


The faster you are moving, the HARDER it is to alter your course or stop you.


Momentum is your new BFF.


If your life is sucking, momentum is that mean girl that won’t give you break. When things are working, momentum is more often called: grace, luck, serendipity, a miracle, in the zone, in the flow or blessed.


By LAW (you know I love the Laws, God made them and they power everything), you can improve your life by simply getting into Momentum. 


On what? You ask. Answer: Anything. Energy is energy. You should pause here and reflect on what that means for you. Getting into momentum on ANYTHING improves EVERYTHING. 


But let’s talk about “everything” for a moment, specifically the really good stuff.


Love. Peace. Flow. Health. Enthusiasm. Joy.


What we are REALLY talking about when we mention these things is not a SINGLE ISOLATED EVENT. We are most excited when it’s a string of continuous events – multiple acts of love, peace, kindness, joy.


(That felt good just TYPING that.)



We don’t want to be enthusiastic ONCE this year. We don’t want to feel joy ONCE. We don’t want our mates to love us off and on. We seek momentum in all good things, so that we have a flow of them. An abundance of them.


The more I worked with this concept, the more I’ve come to realize that momentum is actually kind of secret energy that helps power all great things (& some scary ones too).


Let’s look at a few.


1. Momentum powers Faith. 


Faith is believing what you cannot yet see. When you believe what you cannot yet see, what you cannot yet see THEN becomes visible.  That is literally the process of manifestation and creation. But how does momentum play a role?


You can’t just believe for an isolated moment, you have to keep the faith! You have to keep believing. (Song in my head “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey). Your belief has to have Momentum to become Faith.


2. Momentum powers Focus.


Focus is holding steady to what you want to do over a period of time. The more momentum you have on your work, the easier it is for you to hold focus. When you begin a project (a time of low momentum), it is also hard to stay on task. The more you keep going, the easier it is to keep going.


3. Momentum powers Love.


Love is allowing and accepting without requiring for yourself. The more you allow and accept, the easier it becomes to keep giving and loving without fear that it won’t be returned. When love is sporadic, I am not sure that is true love. Real love has momentum, it does not turn off and on, it grows.


4. Momentum powers Trust.
Trust allows someone else to exercise their free will without me fearing I will come to harm. The more trust that I give, the easier it is to continue to trust and to deepen my trust. Momentum keeps trust expanding in the worthy.


5. Momentum powers Fear.


Fear is the absence of allowing, accepting and trust. It is controlling, it is lack, it is anxiety and anger. The more you give into any of these negative emotions for any reason (justified or not), the more momentum fear gains in your life and the easier it is for fear to surface in any situation.


So now an important question? Where is YOUR Momentum taking you?


Momentum is like a strong current in a river and just like the downhill skier in the video, if you lose control, it will take you where IT was going.


If your Momentum right now is depression, anxiety, micro-managing, exhaustion or “strong start/poor finish”, you WILL go there absent a radical change in your course.


When you have momentum, the force of that energy makes it feel easier for you to just ski around the next doubt, swim past the next fear and hop over the confusion. It truly confers a kind of magical shield against unexpected obstacles.


If I told you that your children were in grave danger on the other side of an old, oak door that you HAD to break down – would you stand still and push at it or get a running start & hit it? Exactly.


How to Get Into Momentum:


“Go that way. Very fast. If something gets in your way, turn.” 


Pick two things you need to do – one biggie and one small one. Get into momentum by doing the small one. Start tiny and build up. You can even get into momentum by drinking water. Start by adding 1 glass a day to where you are).


Do that for 3 days. Then bump it up to 2 extra glasses daily for a week. Then bump it to 3 extra glasses. Long before you hit 3 a day, you’ll have “momentum” on your hydration. 


You’ll feel stronger. You’ll be prouder of yourself. That self-love momentum starts to speed up and you can then use THOSE new, positive good feelings to fuel tackling the Biggie. Got it?


Want crazy momentum? Pick something insanely hard and very structured (so you can see that you are doing what you agreed) and DO IT. Training for a race when you are not a runner will get you into crazy momentum.


Doing a 3 Day Juice Cleanse will do it. Going on a fast from tv, sex, cell phone – whatever you are fairly addicted to. You get a massive boost from this because it’s energy in, energy out. You’ll put in a LOT to do this and you’ll get a LOT out of it. 


All you really need to know is get going in the direction you want to go, speed up and if an obstacle comes at you, do not stop for it – turn, jump it, ignore it, destroy it but do not allow yourself to totally lose your momentum.  It is precious. It is rocket fuel for everything you want in life.


Learning how to build, conserve, protect and increase your momentum is well worth your time. 


Tanya Recommends:


One of the most important times to set and protect your Momentum is first thing in the morning.


Do NOT read the paper, look at Facebook or listen to the news. Or rather, you can listen to the Good News Network. They only have…GOOD news! If you need a reset or pick me up, go there right now.


You are just 2 or 3 articles away from the momentum of feeling good and remembering there are kind, brave, loving people in this world (and animals, plenty of awesome animal articles here too!).


Read it!


First find where you have bad momentum and stop it. You need a way to slow yourself down or turn, before you try to begin doing “the better thing”. It is incredibly hard to change habits that have strong momentum, if you don’t first slow them down. Slow them down by reducing the frequency of the bad thing over a defined space of time.


Going to bed too late to have any time for yourself? Set a cutoff for everyone else’s needs and set an alarm to remind you that it’s now “ME” time. We don’t practice slowing down our bad momentum (getting off our own brakes) enough.



 Your momentum is ALWAYS supported by the Universe. It does not pick your direction, but it puts the wind behind the sails of whichever path YOU choose.


Law of Attraction is momentum. The more you focus on a thought and stronger you feel about it, the more momentum and energy builds up sending out a Universal request for MATCHING energy, experiences, feelings and thoughts.


If you are in a dark place, you can begin changing your life 1 minute at a time by changing your words and thoughts to alter your momentum.



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