[Blocks] How Do I Spot My Bad Patterns? Resistance Part 4 of 4

Bad Pattern? What, Who ME? Yes, You.


We are wrapping up February’s focus on Resistance and how it TEACHES you things you want to know.


This month we learned how Resistance Tells You:


You Picked the WRONG THING!

You Are Going The WRONG WAY!

You Aren’t Committed!


Our final coaching today is how resistance tells you that you have a BAD PATTERN that needs shifting. 


Not Getting What You Want? Bet a BAD PATTERN Is Blocking You


Everybody has them. Call it a bad habit or bad pattern – either way you have a bundle of thoughts and beliefs that you’ve cemented into your lifefrom past experience.


Not all patterns are bad, but you WANT to spot the ones that are blocking you, because they do it ALL the time!


Think of Resistance as FRICTION. It’s that spot that rubs. It’s where your new dress shoes are just gonna give you a blister.


If you look at the ways you get stuck on big things over the past 10 years, you’ll spot a pattern. And yep, it’ll be a bad pattern.


Instead of being frustrated, ask yourself what is the “friction” that is common? Look for the familiar signs of resistance: Starting late. Overeating. Negative self-talk. Rescuing others (instead of you!). Over-analyzing.


Commit (yep, we Answered “Am I Really Committed?” last week!) to finding the ONE BIGGEST point of friction that pops up all the time as your bad pattern.


And…solve it. Fix it. Soften it. Bribe yourself. Do what needs to be done to prevent that from rearing its head on your next big thing.